An illustrated History of a Special GERM


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An Illustrated History of a Special G.E.R.M.


image[2]New chum Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, while taking control of everything on 3 December, 2007 dreamed up a ploy to demonstrate his toughness. Influenced by the brain-dead scato-meme called GERM, he decided that he was going to smarten up school performance, using GERM’s raison d’etre. He called it a Revolution. He knew a soft target when he saw one.

 His close colleague, devoted Deputy and Minister for Education Julia RM Gillard, liked the idea of being a termagant presiding over the activities of timid educators; so, ignoring kids mental, emotional and cognitive welfare, she made unilateral arrangements for the introduction of something that no Australian child-oriented educator would ever have contemplated. Where did she get the idea?

On 27 June, 2008 while attending a Carnegie Corporation knees-up in New York, she met sweet-talking co-lawyer Joel Klein, as schadenfreude as she, who ran a kitsch system of schooling in the Big Apple that relied on conformity to political and corporate dictates. She had found a soul-brother.Klein

As leader [lawyer?] of a school district, he persuaded her [lawyer!] to adopt his ‘crime and punishment’ style of educational management.

  1.   Keep the work force cowed and fearful of losing their jobs.
  2. Scare the daylights out of children by forcing them to do standardised tests of selected fundamentals.

It’s guaranteed to work; money-wise. Don’t allow educators to share the idea….only measurers and corporate benefactors; and, later, don’t let journos talk about it. They can be pesky. The giant banking corporation Swiss Bank aka UBS paid for Mr. & Mrs. Klein to visit Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. At the Canberra Press Club, the Canberra Times writer, Emma Macdonald exposed him as a fraud but it didn’t matter. Who dares challenge the big end of town? Who cared about kids at the time? During the visit of Joel Klein to Sydney, he outlined his policy of fear and was applauded. Julia RM Gillard immediately set about arranging the compliance of locked-in 2010-05-12-NAPLAN-trumpeted-by-Gillard-226[1][1]sycophantic claques, who, Klein had warned her, were likely to oppose her on professional grounds. She knew that they would comply easy. They did.

First targets, according to the Klein/Gillard m.o., were parents and teachers, usually the two essential partners in successful schooling. They had to be dis-empowered and their rights hidden from public views. No problem. All teacher groups did as they were bid, despite the growing evidence that it was a really stupid idea.

Meanwhile, back in H.Q. Big Apple, Joel Klein took charge of Rupert Murdoch’s $US700billion testing company, Amplify, on a $2m p.a. salary and in-flowed the money. The notion of making big, big money from kids’ classroom tears and fear was phenomenological. First time in history. It is usually ‘Kids KLEIN-articleInline-v2First’. Aussie-based NAPLAN still relies on fear-driven premises; very few folk care and the cash registers toll louder and louder. Yank-happy Aussie testucators have been faithful to all edicts even though the methods were mean, miserable and vomitous for children. While anxious educators protested [ ], eichmannised testucators with doubtful ethics, some in charge of schools and school systems, kept fracking children’s cognitive development and learning happiness to try for better test scores on teeny-weeny bits of a wide, future -focussed curriculum…. and on nothing else! Out went the baby. Surprisingly, the Klein system still remains in place and, even though NOW – election time – is the best time to ban the blunder, nobody is game to say anything about NAPLAN nor to try too hard to get rid of it. It’s all part of the original dastardly scheme.

Schools%20on%20trial[3]Things are now going well from Julia RM Gillard’s point of view. She believes that Australia will raise its score to the top 5 in the peculiar, unsatisfactory, meaningless PISA tests by 2025. Top 5 in schooling immaturity, wethinks. [ ] That aim is now part of Labor’s declared policy!

Even the political opposition has embraced it. Opposed to child-centred education as fervid devotees of the Gradgrind School of Pedagogy, their Minister of Education, Mr Chris%20Pyne[4]Chris RM Pyne is looking forward to installing a robust curriculum into all schools. Poor kids. Just what you need.

Meanwhile the money rolls in…to RM, USA. He looks at the palm of his hand every now and then…..and pats them on their tiny little heads.

The years since 2008 have been messy and dysfunctional. Australia’s school education has been heading in the wrong direction.

 We all know that it is.

The silent press doesn’t care.

Kids cop it.








Phil Cullen A.M., A.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.Ed.Admin. M.Ed.Admin[Hons] ; Former Q’ld Director of Primary Education (13yrs}, Regional Director/Inspector {7 yrs}, Primary School Principal 23 years ; FACE, FACEL, FQIEL,, Gold Medal FACEL ; Life Member QSPSSA, QSPSCA,QSPSA,QSPPA,BPSRLSA ; Founder:Treehorn Express, FNQPPA ; 41 Cominan Avenue, Banora Point 2486 07 5524 6443        


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