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The Treehorn Express

‘The Treehorn Express is a tribute to those children who are forced to encounter Standardised Blanket Testing in GERM countries and are forced to suffer from distress, a narrowed curriculum and loss of progressive cognitive development. Like little Treehorn, they are wonderful young citizens, ignored by those who are expected to care and exploited by those who don’t.



It’s election time. ‘Australia’s Future through children’ is hereby cancelled due to lack of interest.

Treehorn is that little fellow with the bright green skin, just under your nose, appealing to you to take notice of him.


PAUL THOMSON is a foremost Australian educator, principal of independent Kimberley College on the outskirts of Brisbane. A visit to the school site is well worth a lengthy visit. This thinking school proudly exercises a non-graded approach – a thinking-skills based curriculum – an individualised curriculum – a school environment which nurtures intellectual and moral autonomy in the development of self-respect and self-confidence. It is a place of high achievement in all things. It does what it says it will do. Make sure you learn what a WAFFO is and what it isn’t . Make sure you listen to Paul Thomson’s views on NAPLAN, corporate ownership and the direction that Australian schooling is heading: HERE



Paul Thomson

The scene is a village square, and the year is 2040. The young are gathered at the feet of the elders who are discussing the features of ‘education’ of the previous thirty years.

One elder related how the education industry coped with the wide range of children’s individual differences in the first three decade of the 21st century. “The method was quite simple,” remarked the elder. “They resurrected the imaginary average child.”

“What does average mean?” asked a young gentleman.

“It means that there are no differences between children of approximately the same age. Educators catered for this imaginary child by creating a one=-ize-fits-all National Curriculum and a one-size-fits-all national test.”

“How did they get away with such stupidity? What did the teaching profession do?”

“Very little really. Teachers and Principals do deserve some sympathy because politicians and bureaucrats, as servants of the elite, have bullied the profession into submission. One leader of a political party said that “We should get away from child-centred education.” Nobody challenged him.

The young gentleman was astounded. “That’s like telling doctors that they should cease all patient-centred medical practice.” The elder mildly admonished the excitable young gentleman. “You should know that this was a time when our country was, above and beyond all else, an economy and not a society or community. The dominant ‘philosophy’ of the capitalist totalitarianism of that era was economic rationalism.”

“Not another ‘ism’, “ remarked a young lady. “What on earth is economic rationalism?”

The elder thought for a while and replied: “The people who promoted this dogma believed in a twisted Darwinism which justified the ascendency of the rich. Ironically enough, the economic rationalists were not very proficient in economic matters nor in rationalist thinking.”


“Well, the ‘deserving rich’ caused the global economic catastrophe of 2007 through their irrational economic policies, scams and criminal activity.”

“Were they held accountable for their crimes?”

“No. Governments bailed them out with the tax money of their victims.”

“Am I right in assuming that these people controlled the education system?”

“They certainly did – with the help of their media ownership. The rationalists had an obsession with measurement – hard data.. Remember I mentioned National Testing?”

“What did they hope to prove?”

“They proved in their newspapers that the schools of the rich, produced superior standards. It seemed irrelevant at the time that the rich excluded children with learning problems from their schools’ accounting procedures.”

“And the population accept this rigging of results?”

“Yes – with barely a murmur. The masses had their bread and circuses – alcohol, football, social networking, violent entertainments Parenting of that era can be judged in part by the inducting of the young into a grog and drug culture.”

The young lady remarked ‘Oh, I’ve heard of schoolies. But this national testing would teach children that it’s wrong to make mistakes.”

“Yes. It would.”

“But if you don’t make mistakes, all you’re doing is showing what you already know.”

“That’s correct.”

“So the people of the day, who supported this testing cult/ attacked the very basis of learning – making mistakes.

“That is so.”

“Good heavens,” remarked the young lady. ‘They must have been barbarians.”

[P.Thomson – inspired by Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘If You Want to be Rich and Happy, Don’t go to School.’ ]


Kiyosaki, a real estate investor, says [1995] “ If you’re like most of us, your years at school do little to prepare you for the challenge of the real world.” Elsewhere he describes schooling as ‘negative programming’.

Australian schooling relies on Standardised Blanket Testing to program learning behaviour and to embed a standardised approach to challenges of the real world, Ergo! The further we go with NAPLAN, “….the more likely we are to have planted seeds of financial and emotional failure in our lives.” [Kiyosaki]

Yes, Paul Thomson. Our schooling is controlled by child-ignorant, child-abusive [worse than hand-slapping], learning-ignorant barbarians, hell-bent on negative programming.

Vote for positive schooling.

 VOTE for KIDS – NOT party politics. Don’t let ‘scores on tests’ control negative schooling.


Phil Cullen No. 83 A.M., A.Ed., B.Ed., Dip.Ed.Admin. M.Ed.Admin[Hons], Former Q’ld Director of Primary Education, FACE, FACEL, FQIEL,, Gold Medal FACEL, Life Member QSPSSA, QSPSCA,QSPSA,QSPPA,BPSRLSA. Founder:Treehorn Express, FNQPPA, Primary School Principal 23 years 41 Cominan Avenue, Banora Point 2486 07 5524 6443


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