STOP PRESS: Queensland Government takes Stand on NAPLAN.

Thanks to Bill Spooner, Education Consultant, Cairns.

Our anti-Standardised Blanket Testing friends up-over, please note. This stand by one of our down-under Premiers, obviously thinking of our kids, might reverse that silly Klein idea back along the track all the way to New York  where it started. The Mayor might tell Mr. Obama :”NO MORE”.



Hang in their, kids. We may return, sooner than we expected, to first-rate classroom learning mastery and achievement…..instead of maintaining Australia’s crazed focus on mediocrity, powered by fear-based learning

 THE GREAT DAY IS NEAR.  This will become LCP policy, won’t it?

I’m writing to Mr Newman to congratulate him. Will you?

Phil Cullen,

41 Cominan Avenue,

Banora Point 2486.

07 5524 6443


2 thoughts on “STOP PRESS: Queensland Government takes Stand on NAPLAN.

  1. I find it very difficult to love the guy. I can’t help feeling that Campbell Newman’s opposition to NAPLAN has more to do with his ‘States Rights’ approach to Gonski funding than any genuine concern for the harm done through national testing. Indeed his Education Minister has urged teachers to cooperate with NAPLAN on other occasions. Meanwhile Mr Newman has been busy selling off schools, increasing class sizes and taking an axe to many cost effective and worthwhile enrichment programs that had been running very successfully under the previous government.

    One of the worst penny pinching exercises that give the lie to his concern for the breadth of the curriculum, was his cancellation of a huge state wide school orchestra competition soon after assuming office, and long before he had a chance to evaluate its effectiveness. The biennial program, entitled ‘Fanfare’ began with inter school competition, district and regional finals throughout Queensland and culminated in a grand concert of the regional finalists in the Concert Hall at Southbank, in Brisbane. The competition gave a focus to the extensive music education program involving more than 20,000 music students learning the discipline and thrill of playing in a real ‘big band’ or full orchestra. 90% of the cost of this program was borne by the parents who paid for many of the instruments and uniforms, transport to local and regional finals, etc. The whole thing cost the State Government just $250,000 per year, about half Campbell’s salary,

    He threw it out, along with a sister program designed to accelerate the development of some of the most promising musicians in the state, along with the Premier’s Literary Awards, which also included a youth division.

    So please don’t be fooled by Campbell Newman’s pleaded dedication to educational equity or breadth. As bad as the Gillard Government’s education policy may be, it’s no worse than what we will get under the Libs, just different.

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