Negative Chit Chat

by Phil Cullen


We adults will ignore you.


Juiia%20G.%20cartoon[2]Her I-ness, Honourable Member of The Order of the First-person, Singular-number is determined to ignore the criticism of her pet dragon – zombic NAPLANism – by the thousands and thousands of Australian teachers, parents and pupils who hate it. They’re easy meat for her. Using myths, fears and lies, she set up this NY fear-based Draconian system in 2008, assisted by sciolist measurers and, as she said then: “I will have my way.” She did. Now, she says, “I usually prevail.” [Q&A. 06-05-13]. She is.

Quite true, Your Immenseness. You do ‘arrange’ political control very well. [You do test gimmick st schooldemocratic principles.] Joel Klein, your NY idol is on record as saying that he told you not to take any notice of educators and academics. So…. you padlocked the most important groups first. Good move. Turned them into measurement-mad testucators. If these groups had stuck to normal ethical principles and practices when you told them what you were doing, NAPLAN would never have got off the ground. Their support for a fear-based system of schooling that encourages a diluted curriculum and restrictive teaching styles is an Australian First.

Never before had such large groups knowingly suspended their ethics. Classrooms teachers, then, just had to do as they were told, and suspend theirs; and you deceived all Australian parents by not telling them that they can say NO. Dirty trick. You even have some reputable commentators, albeit sciolists, saying that NAPLAN is a useful assessment tool, but they don’t know dare to explain standardised testing’s relevance to classroom evaluation and its homogenising effect on learning. They seem to like to use scores only to judge the achievements of people, classes, schools, states, countries…..and speak using numbers jargon of measurers to make judgements : Worse. Better. Ahead. Behind.

Your effective control of pedagogic content has now forced every Australian child in every school to try to master the same level of content at the same mediocre level at the same time and, by doing this, create an educational dystopia that believes that entry to toffee-nosed schools, universities and chosen careers will be enhanced by their score on NAPLAN tests.

You are a menace to children’s progress. You sure know how to kill curiosity and individuality. NAPLAN will exit in time, in the way that all learning inhibitors do. With luck, the the next generation of school children will be the first real learners since the 1980s.

Will you or any of your measure-mad testucators please explain the differences and the relationship of testing, scoring, assessment and evaluation as applied to classroom practices?

Your Orwellian hectoring certainly has NAPLAN-centric Christopher Pyne, Peter Gillard’s replacement, on your side. He likes the use of fear and rigour as much as you do. He uses numbers-speak devoid of learning terms. Will he be interested in ‘love for all kids’ and serious, but happy learning? Indeed, your treatment of kids as disposable items seems to have wide-scale political support. NAPLAN doesn’t get a mention in any policy statements of any party. Can we presume, therefore, that Australian politicians of all parties hate all kids except their own? Their support for the junk-science of external measurement, for compliance instead of curiosity, for children having to undergo debilitating stress during the lengthy NAPLAN period, for keeping the truth from parents is shameful.

Pollies! It’s been five years since this sequacious kleinism has suspended the intellectual development of our children. Haven’t you noticed what has happened? No change in scores. Sickness. Distress,

Dilution of health, creativity and other developmental curriculum learnings. You dare to take the high moral ground on other less important national issues and ignore the damage to our children ….to their future? You whimps. Sort out your values, PLEASE.

Is there a Social Justice Party in Australia that I can vote for?

The money-making vested interests are certainly moving in. Big time. Joel Klein and his employer, Rupert Murdoch, and other money makers will be real proud of you, Julia. The test-publishers, the practice-test-publishers, the back-yard test-tutors and test-preparation consultancy firms, the pharmaceutical industry’s pacifiers and stimulants, the toy-makers just love NAPLAN. They all love you.

Last%20Act%20of%20Defiance[4]Serious class-room supportive educators have been critical of the destructiveness of NAPLAN. You call it ‘negative chit-chat’.

The ‘anti-NAPLAN chit-chat’ is certainly on the move.

More and more people are withdrawing their children from the testing program.

More and more child-centred principals are calling on parents to consider withdrawal.

God bless them.


NAPLAN WEEK is a good week to issue a challenge….

 TO: Julia, Christopher, any of the 20+ politicians who receive Treehorn, any NAPLAN glauleiters, any members of various so-called ‘professional’ organisations, any principals, any NAPLAN-centric person.

 DO : Read these two descriptions and challenge any aspect of their statements that you chose to challenge. Any. Send your challenge to Treehorn

Sir Ken Robinson gives reasons for transforming education.

Chris Tienkien describes Standardised Blanket Testing.

If you have read either before, you’ll be challenged again. They are super-special clips.

boycottnaplanoboycottnaplannowboycottnplannowboycottnaplannowboycottnpannow boycottnaplannow

P.S Sir Ken has more to say about systems heading down the road to ?????. Takes 19 minutes.




_____________________________________________________________________CRUNCH TIME___________________________________________________________________________-

Are you excited by what will happen tomorrow [14 May]? Shhhh. THE PRESS might take notice. Do you think this report will be mentioned?

‘Care for Kids’

Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point 2486

07 5524 6443


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