Parents are stupid People.

The Treehorn Express

The Treehorn Express recognises the sad plight of every victim of Standardised Blanker Testing in all GERM countries being ignored by those who should care; and exploited by those who don’t.


Parents Are Stupid People

They don’t understand what WE want to do with their kids.

On Wednesday evening on Australian national television, in response to the news that the number of parents withdrawing their children from the Standardized Blanket Testing program called NAPLAN, to be imposed on schools in two weeks time, was increasing dramatically, the federal minister for education, Peter Garrett said that there was no need to ‘freak out’.  You parents need to behave yourselves and do as your schools are telling you. “They” [that’s YOU silly parents] he said, “need to understand the WE need that information.”

You parents send your children to a school so that their future can be happy, healthy and purposeful.  You probably have that weird notion that your kids’ brains and talents need to be extended further than your own; that they will undertake an occupation that they will enjoy and do well at; that their thinking will be about social responsibility, cultural respect, pursuing intellectual pursuits that take their fancy, accepting challenges in social and community activities and in their job. You probably think that today’s world needs people who can cope with learning new things…learning HOW to learn. Well, WE have news for you.

WE can’t handle this sort of thing.. WE want schools to be standardised and cloned rather than try to raise learning standards and encourage diversity. WE want your children to be good at tables, spelling, mental arithmetic, notation, reading words, writing according to instructions up to OUR standard. They need to do better at these things than they have done in the past. That’s education.

WE might have a narrow view of extending intelligence and ability and talent, but WE are in control. WEunashamedly want to maintain a materialistic view and serve our corporate masters properly. WE will have our way.

Peculiar parents think that development of cognitive abilities is more important than raising tests scores.  Freaks.

WE don’t like those schools that encourage parents to think about schooling and about whether NAPLAN helps or hinders their kids’ progress. Heavens above, everybody will be withdrawing from the tests!  WE will have to provide extra teachers to help your children learn if they don’t have to prepare for NAPLAN.  Strict differentiated teaching will need to be provided to larger schools. NO WAY.

WE don’t believe in the rubbish spread by experienced teachers and academics, like Ken Robinson who says that tests like NAPLAN :

“First…promote a catastrophically narrow idea of intelligence and ability. The result is a terrible waste of talent and motivation in countless students.

Second, it confuses standards with  standardizing. The result is that schools across the country are becoming dreary dreary and homogenized.

Third, it assumes that education can be improved without the professional creativity and personal passion of teachers.

All of this is holding back our country in a world that’s moving faster than ever.”

WE ignore this kind of thinking. You silly parents should ignore it, too. WE need scores from tests, even though they are useless, because we need to be able to say. “WE’ve improved  education.”

Got it, you silly people? Don’t you dare take notice of this sort of stuff…….

Phil Cullen
41 ominan Avenue
Banora Point. 2486
07 524 6443

2 thoughts on “Parents are stupid People.

  1. Well done on pointing out how the Australian Minister responsible for education considers parents. I remember buying his album Diesel and Dust with my birthday money when I was 13, considering him a hero for standing up against the hypocrisy of the day. However he now makes a mockery of that with these statements about NAPLAN. At least Australian parents currently have the option to opt their kids out of NAPLAN. NZ parents have no rights to opt their child/children out of National Standards which are very flawed. Australian parents need to be wary though. It won’t be long before your government changes the law to make NAPLAN compulsory looking at Peter Garrett’s language.

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