Like an invitation to dinner?

 Like an invitation to dinner?

Apolitical folk might be interested in this extract from a Get-Up letter. As one of the apolitical great middle, I‘m waiting for a child-respecting political party to promise to stop NAPLAN testing. That’s where my vote is going. Haven’t found any yet. If you are a party member, please tell your party to start thinking seriously about kids and the damage that NAPLAN does to them and to Australia.

If your party says,”NO to NAPLAN” that’s where my vote goes……with many thousands of teachers and their friends.

 Rupert – the sponsor of NAPLAN, which is run for his benefit more than most, was at the dinner described below. He employs Joel Klein who introduced Kleinism [feared-based schooling] to Australia.

And….Don’t forget that Julia ran one of these dinners, funded by bankers, when she brought Joel Klein to Australia. Together, they sure started something!

It’s the way we do things.

 Care for kids. Not enough good people do.

Phil Cullen


Extract :

It was the most exclusive of events: a glittering $500 minimum per head gala fundraising dinner last week for a right-wing think tank. Tony Abbott, Gina Rinehart and Rupert Mudoch took turns sharing the stage. Andrew Bolt was MC. Tony praised his fellow key-note speakers, especially Rupert, and promised the crowd a “big yes” to many of the think tank’s list of 75 policies to radically transform Australia.

So what, exactly, is on this think tank’s wish list?

  • Public broadcasting – gone. The ABC to be broken up and sold off, SBS to be fully privatised.
  • Corporations to be allowed to make secret payments to political parties.
  • Medicare gone for most Australians.
  • A return to WorkChoices, just by another name.
  • The clean energy fund and the renewable energy target – scrapped.
  • Funding for sport and arts – including the Australian Institute of Sport – axed. Same for science, with the CSIRO to be privatised.

The campaign is funded by exclusive dinners with Australia’s richest people. 

We know that most Australians, including conservative-leaning voters, don’t want to see Medicare wound back, the ABC abolished, help for families scrapped and our environment handed over to Big Mining and run away climate change. Most of us take tremendous pride in Australia’s ethos of equality and a fair go — and believe that fair taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilised, prosperous nation, instead of a third-world Banana Republic.

Fortunately, right-wing think tanks aren’t the only ones with an agenda for our future. While their big money donors were busy bidding on the chance to visit Fox news headquarters in America or go behind the scenes of Andrew Bolt’s show, ordinary Australians talk about what matters to us this election. Their visions for our nation couldn’t be more different:

  1. Climate change: expand renewable energy, keep a price on carbon and cut massive public subsidies to fossil fuels.
  2. A humane policy on refugees and asylum seekers.
  3. More funding for education and a high quality education system.
  4. A progressive tax system and effective mining tax.
  5. Stopping the expansion of the coal seam gas industry.


  1. Schools are learning places – not warehouses for the wealthy;
  2.  Standardised Blanket Testing creates fear and discomfort in the classroom; and dislike for fundamentals;
  3.  The exercise of professional ethics in ALL school matters is paramount.

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