NAPLAN is a Racket

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A sad tribute to every young victim of Standardised Blanket Testing in GERM countries being ignored by those who should care; and exploited by those who don’t.





Australia’s obsession with testing has led to a new rogue industry.

The test-prep industry is big. It’s very profitable.

“A multi-billion test-prep industry has emerged out of the idea that boosting performance on tests is possible”reported Mrazek & Schooler in their research at U.C. Santa Barbara ’to see whether improvements in attention and performance can be achieved by school age children.”


As I drove past a local primary school last week, there it was : “NAPLAN WORKSHOP for Parents. Wed, 3 April. 10.30 a.m. 2.30 p.m.” A large public notice on display for thousands of car drivers to see. It should have had the NAPLAN gargoyle attached.

GargoyleIt was difficult to believe. ‘Six weeks of externally imposed tension, stress and mental torture starts here this week, while major curriculum offerings will be given a back seat’ is what the notice really says. The aim is to involve parents in the scandal, in the purchase of the most suitable practice books, supervision of NAPLAN homework, suitable dietary requirements, increase exam techniques, sleep control…to increase the tension and stress. I wondered how the local teachers would conduct the sessions. THEY DON’T HAVE TO, whether they like NAPLAN or not. The orders from above must be enforced.

There are heaps of helpful vulture firms out there ready to drive the lucrative ‘sweeper’ train that follows the gigantic MURDOCH GRAVY TRAIN.

This is happening in Australia – now – in April, the month in which we celebrate the ANZAC spirit of fighting for freedom for all, including school children! Yeah. I can see my brother and many of his teacher veteran comrades spinning in their graves at the thought of what is happening to children during this decade.

You should google ‘NAPLAN Workshops’ to check the extent of these NAPLAN-prep industries for yourself. I did. There’s EXCEL, ICS Group, Gum Trees, Kip McGrath, Kids First Series, Kids Spot, Seven Steps to Writing Success, Alpha- Omega Education, Count on Numeracy, Learning is Unique, My Academy, ACER Institute, isiPAL, SREAMS, Literacy Solutions, Northern Beaches Kids Guide, Caringbrook Learning Centre….none called Ned Kelly…yet…all willing to run workshops.

As well as the every-day tuition services, there’s ‘NAPLAN Tutors’: Tutor Finder, Edworks, gauleducation, Academia Literaria, Spectrum Tuition, pair metrics.….

And the list goes on. Some of the costs are high. It’s an interesting study far better done under more controlled conditions than I have done. A table of maverick and learning-destructive services with costs should be revealing.

Such intense preparation is based on the myth that improvements to test scores can be made if one believes that snake medicine works. Statisticians will tell you otherwise. In straight language they expose the truth and demonstrate how our political obsession with testing per se has suppressed normal healthy thought and cognitive growth. Ask statistician Margaret Wu :

Take careful note.

NAPLAN, as with all Standardised Blanket Testing, is a waste of time and money. It threatens our economic future. Its a nasty business. It has encouraged schools to use children to fill the pockets of those who don’t care.

NAPLAN-Prep is a Money-Making Racket.

NAPLAN testing is a big Money-Making Racket


A thought for Aussie politicians : How can you GONSKI while you NAPLAN?

How can you Guide Our Nation’s School Kids Intelligently while Nearly All Pupils’ Learnings Are Numbered?

What’s the use? NAPLAN HAS TO GO.

Phil Cullen caring for kids

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point 2486

07 5524 6443


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  1. This is fantastic Phil! Lorraine

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