Boycott Naplan Flyer

Reposted from Boycott Naplan Coalition.

Boycott Naplan Flyer

NAPLAN test scores create a very narrow, inaccurate picture of your child’s learning.
NAPLAN only tests a small number of skills in two areas of curriculum. Schools are spending so much class time on coaching for the test that the results are distorted. A huge margin of error in the test scores means that students could be two years above or below what their NAPLAN scores indicate.
Many schools are using this inaccurate NAPLAN data to determine your child’s placement in groups, streams and classes. Schools and teachers are under pressure to spend more time on literacy and numeracy which means students are missing out on time in other subjects like science, technology and music. Instead of developing critical thinking and creative problem solving in literacy, numeracy and other areas of curriculum, your child will be more likely to spend precious class time learning how to select bubbles in multiple-choice practise tests.
For many children, high levels of stress and anxiety because of testing is destroying their love of learning.
Naplan is hurting your school
The MySchool website is giving schools reputations that they don’t deserve because the NAPLAN results and the measures of socio-economic background promote unfair comparisons. MySchool places emphasis on competition between schools, who are pressured to use their budgets trying to make the NAPLAN data look better rather than on quality programs across the school. Schools should be working together to improve learning for everyone, rather than competing.
Naplan is destroying our education system
Schools and teachers are blamed for NAPLAN results. However, state governments have been cutting millions of dollars from public education and the Federal government has continued to fund wealthy private schools rather than provide public schools with the funding they need. What schools really need is proper funding to help disadvantaged students, not more pressure and stress for teachers about data.
Naplan is increasing inequality. Parents who can afford to move schools are encouraged to chase the high performing schools on the MySchool website, despite the fact that MySchool doesn’t provide accurate information. This results in a high concentration of disadvantaged students in some schools.   
It is much harder for students from ‘low income backgrounds’ to overcome disadvantage when schools are segregated between rich and poor.  NAPLAN is widening the already large student achievement gap between students from wealthy backgrounds and those from low income backgrounds.  
Withdrawing your child from Naplan will send a strong message. By withdrawing your children, you will make it clear that parents want a good quality, broad, well funded and fair education system for their children. YOU CAN WITHDRAW YOUR CHILD FROM NAPLAN (see over) 

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