For Principled Pupil People : Be brave, Kids.

For Principled Pupil People who sincerely like children and believe in PUPILLING – honouring the contract between a teacher and a learner.

PUPIL PEOPLE believe….

  • When the affective is secure, the cognitive is limitless – no fear tactics.
  • Schools are learning places – not warehouses for the wealthy.
  • Standardised Blanket Testing creates fear and discomfort in classroom; and creates a dislike of fundamentals.
  • The exercise of professional ethics in all school matters is paramount.


You’re the target for the money hungry.

Murdoch is on the Move

Hang in there, kids. He’s going feral, while you are busy preparing for his NAPLAN tests in a few weeks, and those who should care for your welfare and development don’t seem to give a stuff. You are presently working in a warehouse for the wealthy, a NAPLAN site. Sadly, NAPLAN , the evil that controls this sort of schooling and your future is becoming embedded in everyday language as ‘something that kids do at school.’ The BIG QUIET is under control. Very few will worry about your stress and concern, and the unprincipled, uncaring wont allow the whole truth to be known. They’ve been muzzled. Your parents and their friends won’t read much about it in any paper, magazine or ‘professional’ journal produced by principals, teacher unions or general organisations. There is strict control. Herded like Cardinals into Sistine silence, your carers are not allowed to speak up, speak out or, it seems, to mention the truth about NAPLAN in their newsletters and journals. Pavloved by their Murdoch-henchsuperiors, any principles that ‘conflict with the demands of the corporate elite drift into the blue yonder like thistledown.’ as George Monbiot points out.

image[1]GERM inspired tests are run for the benefit of unelected oligarchs with little connection to beneficial teaching and learning. The heat is being turned up this year for you to endure heavily structured, fear-based learning styles that maintain mediocrity with, hopefully, a few little spikes in measurable scores of the simplistic. As critical cogs in the publishers’ measuring machinery, you will have to work harder than ever. So will your teachers and principals. Why?

Rupert Murdoch, the controller of all GERM schools as owner of the biggest publishing business in the world is having problems with the newspaper section of his empire. At present, his school testing section incorporating on-line teaching/ testing programs are proving to be so rewarding that they are making up for the newspapers’ losses. We are talking BIG, BIG business, here. Rupert says that this section of his business empire is worth billions in the US alone. It is so profitable that he has recently reshaped his over-all organisation to make the most of making more money out of your misery. GERM-style testing [by bubbles on paper and on-line] in GERM countries constitute a very, very, lucrative business. The heat has to be turned up. So….

He has appointed another Aussie, Robert Thomson, to run the new-look News Corporation. Joel Klein, our iconic founder of NAPLAN schooling in Australia has moved on and up. Mark Baker of ‘Good Weekend’ in last week-end’s SMH suggests that Murdoch will spare no effort to make News Corporation even more financially successful. This has nothing to do with developing your learning, kids. This is about demolishing your learning instincts in the Gordon Gekko style quest for more money; and, as Monbiot suggests [referring to England’s Michael Gove’s publishing of misleading statistics]: “Neither truth nor principle stands in the way of any demolition programme.”

With two expatriate Aussies at the helm, watch out! They have a fertile field in their old home-town for continued and improved methods of demolition. Their interests are more vested than most. The field has been well prepared…. better than all other GERM countries. Pathways have been laid.

The AEU, supportive of NAPLAN activities, basing its beliefs on the notion that kids have to get ready to contest the HSC as soon as they turn seven or earlier, has already laid the foundation. Plenty of blanket testing is good for you, kids. You don’t realise it now, but you will appreciate it when you line up for an apprenticeship in ten year’s’ time. So there. Be grateful. Shut up. Buy up. Buy 2 get a 3rd FREE.

The AEU has written to the Prime Minister to request that testing on line be installed as soon as possible. That background noise is Rupert and Robert rubbing their hands together. The two Rs will be able to say In Rugby League’s Jack Gibson lingo : ‘Ya done good.”

The control of charter schools [aka Independent Public Schools] is part of this year’s campaign, by the way. Easier to access.


Sadly. Corporate reforming vampires supported by cowed holier-than-thou testucating organisations….”are draining children of their life-force, killing them with high stakes tests, and the blood in this instance is the data.. Corporations feed off the data that they drain from children and use to reap billions of dollars of profits and gain control. What vampires crave more than anything is power.”


$$$$$ Start your own on-line business, for example:


Join the NAPLAN marking team

Each year about 500 teachers gather in Brisbane for three weeks in May and June to mark approximately 230,000 NAPLAN writing task papers completed by Queensland students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9.

By joining the marking team, coordinated by the Queensland Studies Authority, you can:

gain unique insights into how students respond to an “on demand” writing task

view student work from across Queensland

recognise how different teaching approaches can be effective

network with colleagues from many schools and backgrounds.

A further bonus is that NAPLAN marking provides up to three days’ continuing professional development towards registration renewal with the Queensland College of Teachers.

The current hourly rates of pay for training and marking are:

group leader $43.03

senior marker $40.42

marker $37.02.

Visit the QSA website for more information and to apply.




Marking the papers is restricted to teachers. Some hands will shake, but, HEY it’s money! That’s what the whole circus is about. 208999_10151568024229188_1926260847_nYou don’t worry about conscience in this tent.

Some NAPLAN quiz questions for taxpayers :-

  1. If 500 people are paid $38.00 per hour for a five-hour day over 15 days, how much will it cost to mark NAPLAN tests for Queensland? Round off, [a] $1million, [b] $2.3 million [c] $1.7 million [d] $1.4 million
  2. If 500 people are required for a population of 4.5 million, how many are required as markers for Australia’s population of 22 million. Round off. [a] 22, 000 [b] 24,000 [c] 20,000 [d] 30,000
  3. If 24,000 are paid $2850 each to mark NAPLAN tests, what does the marking cost Australian taxpayers?: Round off [ $68 million [b] $56 million [c] $62. million [d] $71 million

That’s only marking costs…conservative at that! Think it’s worth the damage to our children’s future abilities? Couldn’t the money be better used in classrooms?

THEN. What does NAPLAN control also cost? State control organisations [e.g.QSA]? How much time and money? District supervision? How much time and money?Time & money diverted from important curriculum matters intra-school, intra-district. intra-state? Publishing tests? Preparing on-line material? Costs of on-line equipment?


What are the real costs to child learning development, human emotions, confidence, children & teachers’ mental health?

The damage to Australia’s intellectual capital is enormous and irretrievable.


Phil Cullen

07 5524 6443

One thought on “For Principled Pupil People : Be brave, Kids.

  1. What if, as a leader, you believed you were leading but no one was following.
    This entails your challenging people to do what they often don’t want to do.
    I was not accustomed to being solicited for money or “spare change”.

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