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Short Comments re. Prep.Grades’

NAPLAN Preparation

Children. When you pray, make sure that you thank your God for those folk who stick-up for you with the simplest of gestures and the shortest of comments to let other adults know that they are on your side. In some cases, they take a risk, especially if they are employed by one of the present heavy-handed state governments, itself bribed into submission by the federal government.  Your teachers live in one of the craziest periods of schooling history. Pray for them. One of them, upon learning that Queensland was introducing a NAPLAN form of scaling your ‘school-work’ in the first semester of Preparatory schooling had this to say. He didn’t have to do so. His heart was heavy with concern for Queensland children and he said so. Then he was confronted by a school episode in Victoria which he went on to describe…..

1. Kevin Pope, Principal of Meadow Heights Primary School in Victoria added : “The NAPLAN box arrived today.

The kids have only been back at school for four days. The stress and wasted time will start in thousands of schools from tomorrow.

The talk at Principals’ meetings will be about ‘how are we going to maximise their school’s NAPLAN scores.

The talk in staff-rooms will be focussed on getting through this useless and useless exercise and surviving it AGAIN!

And what about our pupils ? Why should we put them through this again for what purpose???

Principals right across the country should leave this pointless test in the box or return it to the sender with the words:

We don’t have time for this. We want to teach.

It’s not worth opening at our school.

We know all we need to know about our learners.

Our pupils deserve better.

Please do not send it to us any more. We don’t want it !!! “


2. Patricia Buoncristiani from  also felt for unfortunate young Queenslanders.

“ I can only offer what is becoming a more and more frequent response to what I read is happening in education’ –

aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhh “

Well said, Pat. Could be the title of a song that the kids would sing on May 14, 15, 16.

Only 90 school days to go, Kids. Don’t forget the catch cry. “Top 5 by 25. We’re on target! aaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhhhh

Idea. Any creative child-oriented person out there can insert words about NAPLAN to ‘Care for Kids’


Let concerned adults make sure that NAPLAN eradication becomes a top election issue.

Kids don’t get a vote.

Phil Cullen

February 8th  2013

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