Question Time for MPs

Aussies who read this….please send this on to your local members and let Treehorn know of your responses.

This email is being sent to those members of parliament who are listed below [in alphabetical order].

Please send this to your local representatives TODAY in case the busy-ness of Christmas catches up with you.


The Treehorn Express

Opinion soaked in knowledge & experience.

and Anecdotal Evidence.

Treehorn is the hero of an easy-to-read, sad children’s book, “The Shrinking of Treehorn” by Florence Heidi Parry. She cleverly exposes adults’ couldn’t-care-less attitude towards the needs of children, even when the circumstances of mal-treatment of children are patently obvious. Treehorn found that parents, teachers and principals only pretend to care. His principal ignored his problem but was still able to say, “You were right to come to me. That’s what I’m here for. To guide. Not to punish, but to guide. To guide all members of my team. To solve their problems.” And Treehorn kept shrinking.

When he started to turn green, his mother told him to comb his hair before the Smedleys arrived for bridge.


Question Time for M.Ps.

A safe party-endorsed path for politicians ..who prefer not to consider the basic issues of teaching and learning, is to cadge a lift to the election on the back of each party’s rigidified ‘instrumental functionality’, as Giroux describes such behaviour : ‘the belief that systems and practices should be organized according to principles of standardization, efficiency, practicality and measureable utility [over and above philosophical, humanistic and ethical considerations.]’ It saves thinking and reading too much. However….


I sincerely request a response to the following questions from those friends of ours in Parliament who make laws and approve rules that effect the learning atmosphere and general welfare of our children at school.

  1. Why does Finland do so much better than Australia on the one-hit PlSA tests for 15 year-olds when Australian kids spend four years more at school than Finnish kids do?
  2. Do you think that Pasi Sahlberg of Finland and other world-renowned, school-oriented-knowledgeable-experienced educators don’t know what they are talking about when they claim that high-stakes testing impedes children’s ability to achieve at any known school subject?
  3. Do you agree with the prevailing belief that billions of dollars are better spent on high-stakes testing than on any other kind of school reform?
  4. Why are school principals and teachers discouraged by state and federal authorities from reading beyond supplied material and expressing their professional opinion about the effects of standardised blanket testing on children’s learning?
  5. Why aren’t parents given the opportunity of withdrawing their children from the NAPLAN testing regime….especially from the school time spent on preparation for the tests?

I should like to print the responses in The Treehorn Express in 2013. Thank you to our worthy representatives for taking part in this survey. .


This email is being sent to the following M.Ps. listed below [in alphabetical order], each of whom receives The Treehorn Express .

BACK Chris, CASH Michaelia, DICK Cameron, DUtton Peter, ELLIOT Justine, Emerson Craig, HANSON-YOUNG Sarah, KATTER Bob, KROGER Helen; LANGBOEK John-Paul, MARSHALL Gavin, PALASZCZUK Annastacia, PICCOLI Adrian, PITT Curtis, PYNE Christopher, RIPOLL Bernie, SAFFIN Janelle, THOMPSON Elisa WINDSOR Tony.

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