Educational Readings November 15th

The Treehorn  Express

[Maintained by NZ educator Allan Alach]

 Treehorn is the hero of a masterful children’s book The Shrinking of Treehorn by Florence Heidi Parry that cleverly illustrates adult concerns for the welfare of school children. The little fellow kept shrinking and became so small that he could walk upright under his bed. Nobody – nobody – his parents, his teacher, his principal took any real interest in his well-being.except for an occasional nod. The message is a clear and simple one for all parents of school children, for less-than-ethical teachers and principals who just don’t care enough.


Educational Readings
By Allan Alach

If you only read one article from this list, make sure it is ‘The Parenting Trap.’  However that doesn’t cancel out the other articles in this list. Skim reading is a very useful skill and I confess that most of my reading consists of skimming through articles to extract the information that is useful for me. Mind you, there are some authors that are always worth reading carefully, such as the article by Marion Brady.

I welcome suggested articles, so if you come across a gem, email it to me at

This week’s homework!

What if testing is STOPPING our kids from learning?

No evidence’ that teacher performance pay works

The Parenting Trap

Thanks to Ken Woolford, Queensland, for this article. It is indeed a gem!

“Forget all the advice. Forget the special tutors, camps, coaches, and therapists. A father of four argues that the biggest problem kids face is the byzantine education-industrial complex known as school, which ruins the most carefree and memorable years of their lives.”

Teaching as a Team Sport

What, no performance pay?

Good Citizenship: The Purpose of Education

Eleanor Roosevelt, writing in 1930. How times have changed, and not for the better.

Worst primaries to be turned into academies

‘Four hundred primary schools in England deemed to be the weakest are to be turned into academies in a bid to drive up standards, the prime minister has announced.’

The ultimate education reform

Veteran educator Marion Brady has a very different take on reform than the so-called education reformers that dominate the schools debate today.  He has a big idea, which he outlines here.’

Rethinking Assessment

US educator Will Richardson has some useful observations here. Time for everyone to rethink their assessment practices (separate from mandated assessments). How much time do kids waste on meaningless assessments?


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