What happened at the Conference?

The Treehorn Express

Treehorn’s story : Open attachment.

[Maintained by NZ educator Allan Alach]

The printing of lists is misleading. Reducing the complexities of schooling to a single number or even a set of numbers is not only misleading; it will undermine outcomes as teachers are forced to teach to the tests at the expense of the remainder of the curriculum.
[Dr. John Kaye, MP  NSW Greens]
Since the beginning of 2012, the APPA-NZPF Conference has been advertised. The Australian Primary Principals Association and the  New Zealand Principals Federation planned and advertised this major conference to be held in Melbourne from 18 – 21 September. The topic was ‘Leading Learning’ 
Giants of the academic education world were invited to lead this important topic – so critical in these perilous times for both countries where high-stakes testing has overcome classroom learning.
Of particular interest to practitioners were the addresses by…
ANDY HARGREAVES from the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, who has held a number of visiting professorships in various countries. He once taught primary school in England.
PASI SAHLBERG from Finland, a known expert on educational reforms whose extracts from his most recent book : Finnish Lessons : What can the world learn about educational change in Finland.” have been keenly awaited.
YONG ZHAO from the College of Education at the University of Oregon is a most popular writer on current issues, especially on topics that apply to globalization, digital schooling and the effects of standardised tests on learning.
The impact of this conference on the future of our ANZAC countries was expected to be significant. We may never learn of what went on.
There was not a word in any major newspaper, radio or TV news.
Standardised tests, when used as the sole measure of student achievement, distort our public education system and discourage educators from creating healthy and high-functioning learning environments.
_______________________[Sam Chaltain 2009]_______________________

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