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[Maintained by NZ educator Allan Alach]


“Apes and maggots appearing in Hollywood films are better protected from stress than are children in public schools today.” [Susan Ohanian]


 Jan Moroney


Classes commence at 8.30 a.m. sharp and finish at 4.00 p.m.

The four-hour morning session will be devoted to Numeracy; the two and one-half hour afternoon session to Literacy. These allocations will alternate week by week.

There will be heavy concentration during these hours on the kinds of questions that NAPLAN testers ask. The focus is on doing well on the tests.

Traditional non-testable subjects will be on a voluntary after-school basis. [See below]


Tests of Literacy and Numeracy, on NAPLAN lines, will be conducted during the last three days of each calendar month, including May. Every class, including Year 1 and Prep classes, will be tested at these times. Results [both student and teacher] in order of accomplishment, will be published on the school’s website. The tests themselves will be available for practice at home.

Substantial achievement rewards will be given to the captains of the winning school houses – Kemp, Nelson, Gillard, Garrett – named after Australia’s Legends of Learning – at the end of each term.

On the first Friday of each month, State Department patrol officers, local banking personnel and business executives will be invited to conduct numeracy and literacy tests of Years 3 and 5. These tests and results will be published on the school’s website.

The names of the class teachers, in order of class scores achieved, will be published on a special honour roll each term. The contracts of those whose names appear in the lower quarter will be terminated at the end of the school year.

The school considers NAPLAN tests as a special contest between the school and the examiners. Extraordinary steps may be taken to  beat the testers.

School excursions are not allowed and  no ‘special days’ nor festivities are conducted within classrooms or in Revolution Hall. Anzac Day is an exception.

In line with the desires of our esteemed leader, our aim is to be constantly in the ‘top 5’.

The school takes no responsibility for the effects of high-stakes testing on children’s health.


Classes will be allocated to a teacher for the full school year. Each teacher will carry full responsibility for the test scores of their classroom.

There is no integration of teaching effort nor of subjects at this school. Maths is maths; Grammar is grammar; Spelling is spelling.

Activities are restricted to class rooms as much as possible.

Play-way and child-sponsored techniques that require the shifting of furniture are forbidden in the rooms. Teaching is test directed.  Silence is golden.

There is no collaboration nor friendly contest with neighbouring schools. They are opposition.


All test scores will be available to parents on the school’s web-site after each test.

The school will provide referrals to selected  tutoring firms that can provide extra help for low-scoring individuals.

Enrolment Procedures

Parents, whose children have previously attended another school, must supply previous NAPLAN scores. School premises are off-limits to parents who refuse to make them available.

An undertaking must be signed at the time of enrolment that no criticism of NAPLAN testing nor of the school-based assessment procedures will be made. If such a criticism is made, parents will be refused access to school property.

Traditional Pre-NAPLAN non-testable subjects

Revolution Hall, sporting fields and parts of the school building will be available for groups to conduct lessons in Singing, Art, Band or Orchestra practice, Sports, Religious Instruction, History, Geography and  LOTE. in after-school hours.  Conditions apply. A roster will be available in early February as to times and allocation of space. No school staff will be available for instructional purposes.

No equipment, including musical instruments and sporting equipment, can be housed on school property.

Applications for the use of dedicated sections of the school environment for instruction in subjects such as those listed above and approved by the school’s administration, close before the Christmas vacation commences.


K.Lein [Head]


Thank you, Jan. Seems like the ideal Gillard School. Your exaggerations have indications of the probable. You’ve ‘cut to the quick’.

If you started a school [Charter ?] with these rules in place and gave it a flash ‘learning-type’ name [e.g The Etonian Academy], there are parents who would flock to it.  So, make sure that you charge fees much higher than the most toffee-nosed one in the region, and you would end up richer than Murdoch.

I ‘appointed’ a principal to your school. Hope you don’t mind.

A fine description. Mission statement? Mission possible!

Phil C


Kids matter.                               Vote Kids  –  NOT Tests                              Ban NAPLAN



This site mentions The Bartleby Project, which encourages American students to refuse peacefully to take standardised tests or to participate in any preparation for such tests. It’s working. Year 9 students, mostly, are writing on their test papers, when they are handed to them: “I prefer not to do this test” and to be quietly good-mannered and pleasant when queried about their reasons. The name “Bartleby” has interesting origins as you will see [ ]. The project asks students to act ‘…because adults are chained to institutions and corporations; these tests pervert education, are disgracefully inaccurate, impose brutal stress without reason and poison the future of the nation.”


“The testing fox is in the education henhouse and it is having a wonderful time.”

Australians and New Zealanders are slow to accept the notion that test publishers control our curriculum and our way of teaching/learning.  Marion Brady & Susan Ohanian predict that “Future historians…will have a difficult time unravelling the tangled weave of ideology, ignorance, hubris, secrecy, naiveté, greed and unexamined assumptions that contribute  to the [reform] catastrophe”. “Why would [an education system] hand its system of education to corporations, politicians and a wealthy guy who went to private schools?”

“Bill Gates. The Gates theory? America’s schools were ‘soft’; they needed to be ‘hard’ – rigorous.”  “His sales pitch for tough love has been phenomenally successful.”

“The message: ‘America is in big trouble. Be afraid. Scores must be raised.’ [Heard that song before, Aussies?] How? Well ACT,Inc. sells test prep materials…” 


                     “Teaching for test results tampers with the nature of childhood.”   [Chip Wood]

Sure does, Chip.





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