Join the Stunt aka Crusade.

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Join the Stunt [aka Crusade]

It’s Julia’s crusade. It’s a race. “We have to be in the top five,” she says. “Join me.”     Laurie Oakes says that it’s a stunt.


Ms Gillard wants Australia to ‘face up to the truth’ of international league tables that puts us seventh for reading and science and 13th in maths” [CM 03-09-12]

…..and Cabbage leads by a head; Banana slips through the bunch; Girdle goes well in the stretch; Assault and Battery go head to head; and Mother-in-law is left nagging in the rear. [‘Spike’ Jones]…and  here comes Beetle Bum. [No disrespect intended]

It’s the Paris PISA Derby, so beloved by our PM with her fixation on placings chanted over and over by her loving party parrots, as if the placings meant something.


 Her Immenseness announced at the Press Club on Monday, 3 September that the next federal election will be about EducationGreat news.

There are two education issues…..

1. Funding for private and public schools.  2. Child development and mental health.


SHE says that Australian children must be [regardless of the serious threat to their over-all development and health] in the top 5 on the Paris Nerd’s PISA test by 2025. Although fixated by tests, no matter how unreliable and invalid they may be, she even said,  “ heart is in the classroom”; “’s a moral wrong not to give children a better education”; “..put children first”.  Dear girl.

SHE warned the States, who used to run some outstanding schooling systems before her take-over, “They’ll have to step up, too!”      Watch out you can-dos and can’t dos.


Julia’s Platform for

Child Development


Mental Health

You will be voting  for these issues at the next federal election.

Schools will concentrate on teaching only the measureable parts of the curriculum that the Paris Pisa nerds measure.

Children’s fear of failing will be exploited to the fullest.

School time will be re-arranged to cater for test practice.

The curriculum will be rigid and cored.

Threats to teachers, schools and systems will be maintained.

Parents. principals, teachers and all on-campus personnel are forbidden to comment on any schooling issue. This will continue.

{If any federal member supports the above, say good-bye to your seat. Australia’s democracy is threatened by them.}





It’s a recent Treehorn comment; explains PISA. It’s relevant.  Diane Ravitch’s 35000 readers also read it.


Alfie Kohn lists “Ten Obvious Truths That We Should NOT Ignore”.

Must read if you have any doubts.








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