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[Maintained by NZ educator Allan Alach]


Seig Heil NAPLAN

Some time ago, the Cairns Post printed a half-page : Teachers Gagged on NAPLAN Tests. There was a large photo of some young children leaning intensely over some tests papers, headed: “Controversy: Some academics claim the national literacy and numeracy are a vast experiment with children’s minds but teachers are gagged from speaking out about the matter.”

The article itself went on to say inter alia : “The country has bought a pig in a poke peddled by politicians and statisticians. The animal is a freak shaped by naive political ideology, unanswered assumptions and ignorance of history.

‘This vast experiment with children’s minds and the country’s future was put in place, without in-depth research, without trial pilot programs and without answering questions posed again and again by those who know something about teaching – know about it because, unlike those making the policy, they’re actual teachers.’

Sound familiar? Why aren’t Queensland principals doing something about it?  They are forbidden to and would be breaking the code of conduct [aka control] for employees of Education Queensland if they spoke out.

They have been effectively gagged.”  [ Marion Brady and Peter Beatts were contributors to the article. ]

No one took any notice….an indication of effective mind-control…. part of Departmental bureaucratic [non-professional] control of principals; and principals’ gagging of teachers. Right? No teacher said anything in public. Principals, as quiet as mice. Managerialists all quiet and cosy.  Nobody else cares enough to consider the consequences.  Next target: Parents.


Last week, 14 August 2012, the Brisbane Courier Mail printed a Page 9 news article: Parent Gag Warning in P&C Mag: “Parents are being asked to sign up to the same code of conduct teachers and principals operate under when they join  state school P&Cs, potentially gagging them from speaking out to contentious government policy issues.

They face being excluded from the school premises and further engagement with the P&C if they break  the code.

In the latest Queensland Council of Patents and Citizens Association [QCPCA] magazine Parent Talk members are reminded they are ‘bound by’ and are required to follow, the Department of Education Training and Employment Code of Conduct.

QCPCA president Margaret Leary said expectations that P&C follow DETE policy and legislation were formalised under a change to the P&C Model Constitution last year.

Under the DETE Code of Conduct teachers and principals cannot speak to the media regarding anything to do with government policy without authorisation first.”

It’s true….as unbelievable as it seems. Check :  I find it impossible to believe that any parents’ organisation would be gullible enough to accept such a direction. I remember so many  wonderful QCPCA child-advocates.  I can’t believe it. But then I was shocked four years ago, by APPA’s decision to support NAPLAN and the unprofessional approval of Julia’s assault on school children. All they needed to do was to protect their kids from totalitarian-imposed classroom fear. It’s a very strange world….

SO? Totalitarianism’s  mind control structure is now well established in Australia; and Moloch, [strange resemblance to another person’s name] the patron saint of GERM, claims state school children as parent sacrifices.

Seig heil, NAPLAN . All hail. You have done your job.


Now that management’s mind-control of all major stake-holders has been introduced into a state school system, the issue pleads to be discussed as widely as possible and with serious debate over attendant issues of the cult of measurement, coercive persuasion of major operatives, attempts at thought reform, apathetic mindlessness, behaviour modification, information control, systematic deception, all part of the deliberate totalitarian effort to control the population. [There are doctorates galore in each one of these topics.]

Totalitatianism “…is a political system where the state recognises no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.” [Robert Conquest : Reflections of a Ravaged Century. P.94]

There are different forms of totalitarianism, of course, but it seems clear that the Australian version of coercive hegemony is here to stay, no matter which political ideology prevails. There has been no indication from any side of politics that school children are considered important as people. Every politician, every concerned parent, every child-centred teacher, every curriculum-wise principal. every school-focussed bureaucrat knows that NAPLAN is evil on all child-care counts.

It has required a totalitarian mode of politics to instil its insidiousness in schools, because corporate profiteers, especially those of the publishing kind, want it that way

As observed by Martin Niemoller ‘when they came for the Jews’, we can ignore such movements at our peril. The present generation of school children have already been contaminated by testing traumas leaving permanent scars. The above illustrations of the evil political tactics that can be forced on the innocent, with any old pedestrian so-called code of behaviour, do not auger well for their adult years.

A meek, government-compliant reader might suggest that such a  description is excessive. But this fear-based control of schooling in Australia is very real and has gone further than mere authoritarianism. The teleological belief that the ends [false and temporary high scores on a few weird tests] justify the means [child-fear accompanied by crash-bang-wallop teaching techniques] is fundamental to the principle of ‘provider capture’. This is raw totalitarian politics in action. Make no mistake. One of the most tragic outcomes of the scandalous introduction of national blanket testing into Australia has been the disappearance of professional ethics. Let’s pray that ethical concerns over the welfare of children will return and, one day, bring forth some super-strength from parents who worry about the way that they and their children are being treated.  Those who believe that children are precious people, will hate NAPLAN.  Australians also need a political advocate from any of our frozen political parties of the stature of N.Z’s  Catherine Delahunty

Since principals associations, teacher organisations and measurement focussed academics…and now, parents…. have almost totally succumbed to the control of the pagan god Moloch and the gimmickry [charter schools, muddle schools etc.], we may have to wait a while for a super-hero or heroes to emerge from the devastation….a politician, perhaps, who likes kids….a parent with a mission to care for kids….a state school principal who’s had enough.

Patience kids. It’s tough on your present generation of school children. Nobody seems to care; like Martin Niemuller, we are leaving things too late for next year’s occupants of Years 3,5,7,9 classrooms.  Sad. So very sad.

Seig Heil, NAPLAN. 

Welcome to the affray, Moloch.

Goodbye to a caring democracy.

Goodbye to a thoughtful, progressive, creative Australia.



An issue that we have overlooked – LOBBYING. “They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying – lobbying to get what they want. Well we know what they want. They DON’T want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.”


Allan Alach’s reading list hits the US scene.




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One thought on “Seig heil NAPLAN

  1. Dear Allan
    I am truly shocked by the gagging of P&C members and their apparent compliance with this. This is certainly news to be and I will be investigating further. I havent heard of this in other states.

    One of the important historical aspects of NAPLAN is that when it was first introduced it was in a low stakes environment – that is to say while State education departments had access to the results by school they were not published. This was the only reason the AEU dod not revolt violently. There were all kinds of promises too about not upping the ante.

    So really NAPLAN is not the problem – but the uses to which it is being put.

    Mind you having said this I should also point out that many of us tried hard to convince the then labor government to introduce benchmarked authentic assessments instead – our problem is that they did not understand what we were talking about – a well known problem for those in education

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