Another controlled scatomeme on its way

Treehorn Express

[Maintained by NZ educator Allan Alach]


‘New’ Grammar Tests on the Way

The Poms are at it, this time. “The Department of Education said a focus on spelling and grammar would be at the heart of the new primary school English curriculum. The draft programme of study for English at primary school will be more rigorous than before.”

With the propensity of our testucators to test, test, test, it is ‘London to a brick’ [Ken Howard] that our dominant testors will want ‘sentence slaughter’ aka ‘grammar’ to be re-introduced to the South Pacific. Our easy-to-beat school administrators will relish it. It’s a honey for those who like seeing kids writhe and squirm during tests [Milgram], for grammar tests can be the epitome of learning worry.  If the introduction of these sorts of tests follow the NAPLAN pattern, consent for the introduction of this scatomeme will be easily manufactured according to the established Gillard, principal-approved leitmotif “ Do as you are told”.

Ever had to teach Grammar for testing purposes?  Some of us are still around. Ray Kelley remembers. Enjoy…..



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