Who Cares For Kids?

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No fair-dinkum teacher likes NAPLAN.

It breaches all ethical rules.

In a school of repute there is no fan;

There’s learning without measurement tools.

 Theme song:  ‘Care for Kids’

Parents:        Have you got that “NO to NAPLAN” sticker on your car yet?

Principals:    Remember Stufflebeam, Holt, Bassett, Postman & Weingartner, Rosenthal & Jacobson, Clegg, Klein? Who’s your favourite?  [Don’t tell me. Let me guess.]

Politicians : Just imagine if  your party’s education policy started with “We care for kids. We would like to see them learn at school. We disapprove of national blanket testing that stops them from doing that..” You could double your vote.

Pupils:          Have you ever read,”The Geranium on the Window-sill Just Died, but Teacher you Went Right On.”  Read it to your teacher. Great illustrations. Google it.


Some people care for kids

Before you read on, click on “Care for Kids’ above.  Listen to the words carefully. Enjoy. Has any teacher out there, taught it to their pupils, yet?  ABC Radio? Aren’t you allowed? Too subversive?


Goldie Hawn: “School children need to be happy and productive and more optimistic than they are at present. Quite frankly, our schools are not the best places in the world at helping children to learn. We need to shift the focus to children and away from the tests. Children need to shake hands with their brains and develop their emotional literacy in classrooms that are joyful.”

Elie Wiesel : “ I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation, especially children. We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

Matt Damon: “My teachers were empowered to teach me, not to take time on test prep…they were allowed to be teachers.”

Phil Cullen : “Normal professional discourse about the nature and value of shared evaluation and allied learning exchanges has been replaced by talk about test scores and printed tables.”

Neil Postman : “ Cheating is now the only creative intellectual activity available in schools.”

Anne Patty: “Having a New Yorker lecture us on how to run an education system is like having Thomas the Turtle show Usain Bolt how to run.” [Altered]]

Child to Testucator : “You are the biggest bully in our school. WHY do you do to us what you tell us not to do to others?”

Testicator to Parent : “It’s only three days each year for NAPLAN tests.”    Parent to Testicator: “It costs $100 million for 3 days ! I’m a taxpayer, buddy. Stop wasting my money.”

Angela  Engel: “We are not here to teach standards and raise test scores. We are here to teach children and raise the human race.”


Ray Kelley 

N  is for the Nervousness it’s causing                        I was good at everything. Honest. Everything.

Good morning, class.                                                                                                A  is for the Angst it causes too;                                                                      Until I started being here with you.

Today I will prepare you for the future.                                                                 P  is for Pointless Practice, Practice, Practice               I was good at

Listen carefully.                                                                                                            L  the Loss of Learning that we rue;                                                      laughing

And do not interrupt                                                                                                 A  stands for the Axe with which to Axe it;                     playing dead

Are there any questions?                                                                                          N  this Needless Nuisance we deplore;                           being.

None?                                                                                                                           Put them all together, they spell NAPLAN –                      Yeah, I was good at everything.

Good.                                                  A thing to ban forevermore.                                                                                         But, now I’m only good at everything

On Saturdays and Sundays.


EFFICACY HAWKS : High flying predators who, for political reasons, exert their superiority and issue demands for better scores at any cost.

MARK/SCORE/GRADE : An inadequate record of an inaccurate judgement, by a biased and variable judge, of the extent to which an undefined level of mastery of an unknown proportion of an inadequate amount of questionable material has been completed. [John Settledge]

RUDDY BLUSH : Copying from elsewhere with undue haste to hide ignorance and with no regard for the consequences.

POL-UTION: Using schools in a maverick fashion for political purposes only.

PUNDICRAT : One who pretends to be an expert and pulls rank to cover inexperience and inadequacies.

KLEINISM: Use of fear to motivate learners.

Have you ordered your bundles of “Say NO to NAPLAN’ stickers yet?  Order in bundles of ten.  $1 each plus postage. Quick delivery.

Contact l.m.wilson@bigpond.com while they are still available.


Recent News

Victorian Principals visit Finland  The Age newspaper reported, Monday 4 June, on a visit by 22 primary and secondary principals to Finland. Red the article by Caroline Milburn:


Newz from New Zealand Dated June 5, Allan Alach provides a short survey of NZ’s school structure and how things are going with schools at the moment. https://treehornexpress.wordpress.com/bridging-the-ditch/

Coalition of Essential Schools is holding its ‘Conversations among Friends’ workshop applied to its 10 Common Principles at Providence, Rhode Island on Nov.9-10. Its website www.essentialschools.org features a brief conversation between Alfie Kohn and Deborah Meier. I enjoyed the talk between Ron Wolk and Dennis Littky…only a minute or two.

Misplaced Article Thanks to Allan, the misplaced article has been found : http://ezinearticle.com/?Our-Children-Deserve-An-Education-Not-Testication&id=6372286

Post-NAPLAN Use of a Galvanic Skin Response [GSR] bracelet on every kid to measure teacher effectiveness by how much kids maintain attention. http://dianeravitch.net/2012/06/09/just-when-you-thought-it-couldnt-get-crazier/


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