Teacher-Bashing 101

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No fair-dinkum teacher likes NAPLAN.

It breaches all ethical rules.

In a school of repute there is no fan;

There’s learning without measurement tools.

Theme song:  ‘Care for Kids’

Parents: Had a good yarn with your child’s teacher about the recent NAPLAN tests?

Principals: Take a peek at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethical_code

Politicians : Do you really think that the outcomes of NAPLAN testing is worth spending $100million?

 Pupils: Just hang in there. Your generation is dead-set unlucky to have to go to school while this test-craze persists. Maybe…soon?


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Teacher Bashing 101

Testing!  Testing!  Testing!

Question 1. Correct the grammar in this sentence and improve its presentation.

“But we acknowledge and aim to promptly correct errors when they occur.”

This sentence has appeared for well over a decade on the most-read page of an Australian newspaper. It follows the paper’s credo mission-statement:  “[This newspaper] is committed to accurate, fair and fearless publication of news and commentary.” Yeah.



Today – Queen’s Birthday, June 11, 2012- the front page of the same newspaper’s headlines read, in very, very large font:

Student teachers struggle on basic exam questions


The first two pages contained descriptions of the administration of the test { described, when the proposal was first made to run the tests [June 2009,] as “…a dill-pot idea of major proportions.” } with profound comments on the results. The sample of the test on Page 2 was a giggle. The student teachers must have had fun completing the device; and who wouldn’t like to have been a fly-on-the-wall during their post-test comments?  Whoever made up the tests?

The idea to ‘test’ neophytes came from an ACER measurer who believes that the tests demonstrate whether teachers possess “…the knowledge to teach literacy and numeracy that we [?] require in our schools.” Yeah.

The reporting of the results follows usual ACER protocols by highlighting the levels of failure. This gives unkind editors and journos the chance to emphasise FAILURE. Indeed, the first sentence of this article contained  a peculiar statistic :

”Almost half of aspiring teachers failed parts of a landmark test featuring literacy and numeracy questions that Year 7 students should be able to answer.”  YEAH. ‘Landmark’, alright.

The tests cost over $2million to develop and have now “…been shelved under cost-saving measures.” Shame. No more laughs.

Could this criterion for ‘shelving’ be applied to NAPLAN tests?

Forthcoming expected official and unofficial comments from professional organisations and union groups should prove lively reading.


One’s thoughts went back to the time when the same newspaper nailed a soft-hearted principal who allowed extra time for his pupils to complete the 2010 NAPLAN tests….the last 3 questions, actually. The paper said that the community was in a furore as a result. He was named as a cheat in large font on the front paper, and his home privacy was invaded with a photo of him inside his front door also on the front page. [“Yesterday, he shut his door before any questions could be asked.”]  The article was repeated in other newspapers within the chain.

The lengthy editorial of this issue on October 1, 2010 was headed,”Parents deserve the facts about tests cheating.”  You betcha, editor. The list of 2012 schools and the amount of school time they used to practise for the tests as well as the list of subjects that had to give school time for the practice session, should provide great reading when the time comes.  That’s big-time cheating. Yeah. Yeah.


Rupert, in his quest to privatize or charterize all schools within his empire, will be pleased with such journalistic efforts. It makes things easier to flog his testucating systems.


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