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Treehorn story?

The Treehorn Express Theme song: ‘Care for Kids’

Politicians : Do you have a sticker “Say NO to NAPLAN” on your car?  You do  know what is happening, don’t you?


Have you ordered your bundles of “Say NO to NAPLAN’ stickers yet?  Order in bundles of ten.  $1 each plus postage. Quick delivery. {I’ve had mine on my car since the first day of NAPLAN.}

Contact while they are still available. One far-north-Q’ld school has ordered 100. More such orders are expected.

Postage for 10 : $1.20

Postage for more than 30 : $2.40

Bank: ANZ       Branch : Carlton North

    BSB:  013-374               A/c Number : 5697-99435         

Account  Name :  WILSON,  LORRAINE

Let’s turn every town corner and every city gridlock into a sea of gold and red ‘Say NOs’.

Leave them on your car until September, 2013 if NAPLAN has not been shelved on ethical or any other grounds by then.



Those school children whose interest in learning and confidence in achieving were punctured last week will need special kinds of support.

It has been a cruel few weeks for the ordinary learner and low achiever.

They are our future.

Care for them

Join to campaign : Say NO to NAPLAN       Join the campaign : Say NO to Naplan       Join the campaign :  Say NO to NAPLAN     Jon the campaign : Say NO to NAPLAN   Join the campaign : Say NO to NAPLAN

Comments on NAPLAN

and other forms of GERM

Marion Brady, in speaking of Up-Over’s NCLB, has described the beliefs of our own misguided, easily-led, left-brained, well-corralled promoters of NAPLAN.  As GERM carriers, they believe….

  • that somehow just ‘raising the bar increases students’ ability to clear it;
  • that before the standards movement there were no standards;
  • that the talent wasted by one-size-fits-all programs isn’t worth developing;
  • that students who will be turned into ‘failures’ by the tests wont present a serious problem;
  • that standardized tests tell us something really important;
  • that market forces have a magical ability to cure the ills of education;
  • that extrinsic rewards are dependable motivators;

and  behind the unfortunate Julia-followers support and her standards juggernaut is a single, primary, simplistic and unexamined assumption that…

“what the next generation most needs to know is what this generation knows.”

Hang in there, Marion. More and more down-under folk are starting to challenge these assumptions and there are signs of hope and enlightenment. It is even possible that, as John Saint-Smith indicates below, Julia ”… the architect of MySchool and NAPLAN disease will have a ‘180 degree change-of-heart’”, as your Diane Ravitch did when she was involved with a much bigger system than Julia’s.



There are major fundamental differences between a GERM system [= Australia’s Klein fear-based test system] and a LEARNING system [=Finland’s all for children’s learning system]

While GERM countries obtain their ideas from the banking and corporate sector with out-dated managerial techniques,  LEARN systems own dreams of what can be the best for their children and their future.

GERM countries tend to hire plumbers to run their garages; LEARN countries hire leaders who know what happens where the action takes place – classrooms.

Hang in there, kids. One day we will have a measurement-bare LEARN system where your progress will not be stifled by GERM beliefs.  THINGS ARE LOOKING UP IN AUSTRALIA – thanks to the ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ program.


In his comments on John Saint-Smith suggests : “Some progress at last!  Given the solid-resistance-that-melts-into-forelock-tugging-capitulation that characterizes all of our benighted PM’s recent decisions, from backing away from Carbon Tax, to re-instating it in order to grab power, to defending the principle of ‘innocence before the law’ to throwing Craig Thompson to the wolves, we can expect that the architect of MYSchool and the NAPLAN disease will have a ‘180 degree change-of-heart’ and leave the Minister for Bad Ideas to burn in his own bed. Well done!” 

Diane Ravitch might have a recruit….although there are indications that she and Julia’s mentor [St.Joel] are not seeing eye-to-eye.


This year’s GERM –NAPLAN stories have demonstrated the uselessness of the tests. It seems to have been a debacle, typified by….

  • the stress of the Year 3 little ones [who, if they lived in a more advanced country, would not have started school yet];
  • the mums and dads who still believe that the tests are mandatory;
  • the number of Year 9s who also thought that the tests were mandatory and would not have done them, had they been told;
  • the widening extension of cheating practice, by the use of practice tests, encouraged by ACARA and State Departments;
  • the growth of the after-school tutoring industry;
  • the number of Year 2s who have started preparing for 2013;
  • the use of unreliable and invalid tests that are useless for what they are supposed to do;
  • the deafening silence of professional groups;
  • the profits of the textbook manufacturers;
  • the deceit of ACARA, State Departments and some schools by not making public pronouncements about the freedom of individuals;
  • the official pretence that the scores give an accurate description of Australian schooling;
  • the increased sales of bacon and eggs and of fish for those who believe in the cerebral power of such food items.

These are now ingrained aspects of Australia’s schooling system.

God bless Australia.


Parents !

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Any time is good. Even in the middle of NAPLAN or at the end.

Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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