Goodbye NAPLAN

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proud anti-NAPLAN geriactivist thinking of kids.


Treehorn story?

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Politicians : We hope that you have noticed. NAPLAN is on its way out.


YIPEE!  NAPLAN Tests Over for 2012, kids and teachers. Back to Learning. Last one ever? We hope and pray, don’t we?

Goodbye NAPLAN

Things are looking better for Australian school kids.

Following the distribution of “Say NO to NAPLAN” [ attached], there has been a wave of support from enthusiastic educators [attached] and concerned parents who have indicated that they want to see the tests disappear and the school children taught in better fashion than monkeys are taught. They believe that school children need to do better at what they learn. The teaching of reading, writing and numeracy especially is suffering and will suffer further because of the unreliable and invalid  testing being forced on schools; and the crazed-teaching madness attached to it. Measurers just don’t care as long as they have numbers to play with.

Concerned educators and parents, put simply, want children to be taught better and their progress evaluated in ways that benefit their learning. The immorality of NAPLAN that now interferes with this needs to disappear.

It seems as if those who support NAPLAN follow their leader’s dictum: “What does not kill us will make us stronger”. [When Rupert speaks, you guys jump, don’t you?];  and so all Australian children are treated as whimps, who need a bit of toughening.

After the release of “Say NO to NAPLAN,’ an article in the SMH quoted my statement:

“Effective teaching-learning strategies are being contemptuously ignored. Preparing for the tests dominates school time and pushes creative aspects of the school curriculum out of the way.” 

In response to my statement, a spokeswoman for Minister Peter G. said that reading and writing were “the foundations of a good education.” The implication that I had suggested a dilution of attention to basics, is sick. It’s straight from the dirty-tricks section of the Standards Debate of the 1970s. Won’t work.

Peter and your henchlady, please note: 

‘Why are you trying to tell teachers how to suck eggs? Where did you get this cock-eyed idea that good teaching dismisses an emphasis on basics?”

Plainly, you don’t know what you are doing…or your troops are working from the wrong premise…or you don’t know what happens in classrooms…or you have gone measurement mad in accordance with your great leader’s views…or all of the above.

Peter. Let me give you some good oil. Midday oil. Be proud of your teachers. On the world stage they rank very high indeed. Be proud of their achievements. They are world class. The world knows this. How come you don’t?  Why don’t you trust them?  You and your pollie mates are not doing too well in the mushroom business.



Parents !

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Any time is good. Even in the middle of NAPLAN or at the end.

Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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One thought on “Goodbye NAPLAN

  1. Some progress at last! Given the solid-resistance-that-melts-into-forelock-tugging -capitulation that characterizes all of our benighted PM’s recent decisions, from backing away from a Carbon Tax,to re-instating it in order to grab power, to defending the principle of ‘innocence before the law’ to throwing Craig Thompson to the wolves, we can expect that the architect of MySchool and the NAPLAN disease will have a ‘180 degree change-of-heart’ and leave the Minister for Bad Ideas to burn in his own bed. Well done!

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