Testing leads to celibacy of the intellect.

The Treehorn Express

Prepared and presented by Phil Cullen,

proud anti-NAPLAN geriactivist thinking of kids.


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The Treehorn Express Theme song: ‘Care for Kids’

Politicians :

“Boycott the tests, and hammer the clueless politicians who support them. Do that and they’ll suddenly discover an interest in talking to people who actually know something about educating” said Marin Brady in Tuesday’s Washington Press.

What do you think?


Ray Kelley is on a roll.

Sing this to Frank’s [and others] “Fools Rush In.”

Schools rush in

For books that must be read

Before Year 7s have to do

The NAPLAN test ahead.

Those who see

The danger there

Are told it’s one thing

To grin and bear –AIR —

Schools rush in

To let the parents know

Those vital books are now on sale

At Grabbabuck & Co.

Don’t your kids

Deserve the chance to win?

Oh, how the scholar-dollars flow

When schools rush in !

Yes, Ray.  The test publishers and floggers of practice books wear big grins at this time of the year. Is there another purpose behind NAPLAN beyond the mighty dollar? Some think that NAPLAN helps children to learn more!  Duck! Those pigs fly very low, these days.


Most Australians seem to believe that very limited testing of small selected pieces of Reading, Writing, some Language Conventions and of bits of Numeracy [aka NAPLAN] represents the full substance of schooling. Nothing else seems to matter. According to talk-back radio, letters to the editor and some editorials, that is what schooling is all about. NAPLAN does it all.  I guess that they have yet to see their children grow up to appreciate the benefits of a full curriculum taught by quality public school teachers and their contemporaries in other kinds of schools…..and weep with deep regret that they ever allowed their kids to be treated by such maliciously retarding practices.


Marion Brady said in Tuesday’s [15 May] Washington Post :  “The secretive, long-running, organized, well-financed campaign to centralize, standardize and privatize American education is on track. To follow the campaign, follow the money.”



Some Important Readings

Ravitch: A primer on the group driving school reform        http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/ravitch-a-primer-on-the-group-driving-school-reform2012/05/01/gIQAKh3MvT_blog.html

Josette Luvmour : Teaching to the Test is not Education        http://www.parentinvolvementmatters.org/blogs/teaching-to-the-test-is-not-education-103.html

Joe Bower: The Folly of Multiple Choice        http://www.joebower.org/2012/05/folly-multiple-choice.html

Alfie Kohn: Will the Common Core Benefit Children?        http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2012/05/alfie_kohn_interview_here_is_t.html

US Professors Against High Stakes Testing :   Schools Matter             http://www.schoolsmatter.info/2012/04/professors-against-high-stakes-testing.html

More to come to enhance our knowledge of NAPLAN and its effects.

Some Quotable Quotes

[Useful for school website or newsletter]


It has to do with fixing blame.

It has to do with parent and and children’s guilt.

It violates due process.

It violates good sense.

It serves the best interests of a growing number of test publishers and it serves the schadenfreude ambitions of politicians and educrats.

Let me not mince words. Many educators feel that testing is a necessary part of education……At best, testing distorts and corrupts the learning process.

Our chief concern should not be to improve testing, but to find ways to eliminate it.  [John Holt The Underachieving School . 1970]

 Testing leads to celibacy of the intellect.

Curriculum backwash is a certainty, for testing has a dumbing-down effect on instruction. Teachers are very likely to shape their instruction to match a test’s specific focus.

                Testing is about politics. Some insist that it is technically necessary. Such people lack imagination about how to teach and how to run schools.

Legislators and educrats scheme to achieve greater control over what is taught, by whom and to whom. Their motives are partly egotistical, and some intentions are honourable. However, their actions are not judged by their intentions but by their consequences which are uniformly bad.


Parents !

Let’s do things on our terms and not be pushed around anymore.

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Any time is good really.

Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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