NAPLAN’s Patron Saint very busy.

The Treehorn Express

Prepared and presented by Phil Cullen,

proud anti-NAPLAN geriactivist thinking of kids.


Treehorn story?

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Politicians :  Do you know how much is spent on NAPLAN and it’s associated activities? Have you asked?



Prayers will be offered by NAPLAN supporters and operators next week to [and for] their patron saint who introduced NAPLAN and its associated structures to Australia in 2008, at the annual celebration of his work….NAPLAN Testing …..his crowning glory.  The committed must love him and adore him deeply to sustain his strange legacy and continue to celebrate it annually.  [Australian parents have yet to wake-up to the meanings behind his NAPLAN controlled system of schooling, but they will….one day.]

Why prayers to/for our patron saint? 

The wonders that he has wrought and are about to wring. [See NY Times site below]

The founder of NAPLAN [our educational lighthouse, our bellwether innovation] Joel Klein, our remarkable controller, is very busy. That’s why.  Ms Gillard’s hero and  education  confidante, Joel Klein, adored by her and by her faithful retinue, is busy getting ready for wholesale on-line schooling….coming to your school soon.  He’s really busy.

But…first things first. Literacy and numeracy shortfalls in schools in all GERM countries have to be emphasised and craftily scandalised in the first place [e.g. Courier Mail, Queensland 5 –7 May] as groundwork for the ‘bigger picture’. Those invalid, unreliable, useless, expensive  test papers for various US states…just like the NAPLAN tests…have to be published [by Joel], so that their sad and doubtful results can be used for the real big pusch….on-line schooling.

The publishing of results as part of the Klein plan is going well in Australia…on track. Sadly for St. Joel, his efforts have been slowed by News Corp’s problems in England.  Joel [Rupert clone] and his company’s push for more dollars in the midst of the hacking scandal has been called: “the definition of chutzpah”; but we all know that the insolence of large corporations in the chase for the mighty dollar has no scruples. St. Joel will tidy things up. The Murdoch mob is softening up the populace.

Joel’s company now has 200,000 teachers and three million schoolchildren using its technological products in parts of the US. When Julia or Tony [post-Sept.,2013] allows Joel to invade the schooling landscape of Australia with the next wave of kitsch schooling, as they will, you can bet your boots that there will be no prior discussion of usefulness, integration, cost to taxpayer or instructional worth.

It will be introduced as NAPLAN was:- Bang, crash, wallop. You schoolies will do as you are told. Amen. That’s what Joel told us was his advice to Ms. Gillard in 2008 and she did as she was bid. Didn’t our school leaders click to attention then? Heil!

How so many schools in Australia were hoodwinked into the acceptance of this introduced fear-driven system of schooling under the NAPLAN flag is a wonder of the age. There is no doubt. It’s the wonder of the 21st Century, Why are we Aussies so gullible? Now, the Treehorns of our country have to rely soley on their parents to “Say NO to NAPLAN” and to keep a closer eye on future schooling imports.. It is vital that they do. Parents are the last, and probably the only,  line of defence for better schooling. Julia certainly won’t be letting any principals [once reliable guardians of children’s learning] out of her corral.

Now, NAPLAN is getting your schools ready for on-line learning. What do you think of the coming change, Mum and Dad?  It does mean billions and billions to our controllers up-over; and we pussy-cats seem to continue to feed their egos and fill their purses. That’s Aussie schooling as it is now.  Read what Monday’s NEW YORK TIMES has to say about the busyness and business of our patron and controller….


Let’s do something for all the children of Australia.

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Help your friends to decide.

Any time is good really. Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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One thought on “NAPLAN’s Patron Saint very busy.

  1. Hi Phil,
    Seems to me that the teachers who go along with this abominable and destructive scheme are somehow not aware of what it does to education, or if they are they have ceased to care for their students, and have decided that their best chance is to catch some drips from the gravy train express as it flashes by on the way to a town called Mediocrity. Perhaps they’re hoping that they can scam the performance bonuses as their colleagues in the US have done. Just as the Finnish Education System attracts the best and most dedicated of teachers who have warned their minister that they will withdraw their services if he were foolish enough to become involved in this GERM epidemic, perhaps our system of threats, insult, and regimentation of the teaching profession has finally produced the predictable result. We may have already achieved a critical mass of the unprofessional teachers that Kleinism attracts. When I think back to the early days of my career, our union seemed to be in a constant philosophical as well as industrial battle with the then Bjelke-Petersen Government. We struggled for the right to apply the education theory we had learned about at Uni in our classrooms. We maintained the highest professional standards, spending our own money attending inservice training organized by professional discipline organizations like the Science Teachers Association in order to maximize the authenticity of our lessons. Now the deafening silence from the union officials suggests they are probably brown-nosing their Labor mates in the hope of getting a ticket to parliament like Mr Craig Thompson.
    Whatever the reason for their silence, it seem that teaching must be a pretty demoralizing ‘pseudo-profession’ these days. I must admit it was getting more and more like that before I left.

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