A Year 3 Sings with Ray Kelley

The Treehorn Express

Prepared and presented by Phil Cullen,

proud anti-NAPLAN geriactivist thinking of kids.


Treehorn story? http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/print.asp?article=11697

The Treehorn Express Theme song: ‘Care for Kids’

Politicians :  Do you have any children at school? If so, sing up…with gusto, if you care about them.


I Don’t Want to Do the NAPLAN

[Tune: “I Don’t Want to Play in Your Yard”]

Ray Kelley

I don’t want to do the NAPLAN,

I don’t want to post a score.

Once my Mum and Dad decided

They object to what it’s for.

I don’t want to do the NAPLAN.

Just because I’m in Year 3,

And we hear ACARA holler

To imply it’s mandaTREE

I’m not going to do NAPLAN

I don’t want to any more.

I’ll be carefree on the test day,

Having slept the night before.

Wasn’t granted an exemption

For some disabiliTEE –

Just withdrawn because the truth is

That it’s not compulsory.

Sing along with Peggy Lee… and Ray Kelley, described by Bruce Dawe  as “…our finest poet of light verse”; and by Philip Adams as a “clever bugger.”  HIs two publications “Flight to the Chookhouse Roof” [C.Q. University Press, Rockhampton 1998] and “Go, Lovely Nose” [Five Islands Press, Carlton 2005] are widely acclaimed. A regular contributor to The Spectator he has won a large number of challenges set by this literary journal.

During his long career as a primary school principal in many parts of Queensland, he wrote parodies about issues of the day that were sung by his colleagues at social gatherings. Since they represent a jovial history of schooling in Queensland we joined to detail some of Ray’s work.  You can access it at http://kell8cull.wordpress.com . Our favourite ‘shower’ song is “Departmental Officer”, to Crankey Frank’s tune of “I Did It My Way”. It celebrates the career of those principals who took their brides to all sorts of places around Queensland because there were children to be taught.  Their lives were enriched because they ‘went where they were sent.’


Let’s do something for all the children of Australia.

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Help your friends to decide.

Any time is good really. Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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Maintained by outstanding NZ educator, Allan Alach

Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia 2486

07 5524 6443




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