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Treehorn story?

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Politicians : ‘$17m over 4 years to deliver NAPLAN reform’ says Wayne. What do you think Peter wants it for?’


The Primary Teacher

Quackle poodle  fiddle quisle diddle

“It is my contention that without classroom experience it is beyond the capacity of the human mind to understand primary teaching.”

Yeah, verily and indeed, Kelvin Smythe – NZ champion of children and  teachers, of  learning, achieving, everything that is splendid and good about schooling – who has written about the primary teacher –the ‘all of us’ – the ‘unknown’ – the ones who ...”have had to suffer the condescension, indignities, cynicism, lying, trickeries, cruelties, slurs and deep ignorances of power-lusting politicians, careerist bureaucrats, encrusted editorialists revelling in their prejudices, and academics whose research is eminently switchable.”

Our education landscape has changed and continues to change under Australia’s  NAPLAN , NZs ‘national standards’ and general GERM conditions….and not for the good of children.  Productive teaching is stifled by their influence. “There has been a passage of time since our teacher taught, yet the underlying political and bureaucratic life has remained – not unchanged- but always there, in baleful expression, and never worse than at the moment.

Because these characters do not understand primary teaching, have no ideas of their own, they borrow from overseas, thinking themselves so sophisticated in the process, so in the know; they also become so obsessive in the process, so keen to exact revenge on teachers, they are willing to impose on teachers one alien bureaucratic indignity after the other.”

Productive teachers, you will enjoy this. Should you wish to know more about Kelvin Smythe, try  Click on the “ Latest”.


Get rid of the indignity.

It’s ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’ time.

Any time is good really. Just say “NO! Not to my child”


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