Personalised not standardised.

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Told your party-room colleagues that NAPLAN destroys the love for learning

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Personalised not Standarised

As soon as one mother read “Say NO to NAPLAN” last Tuesday, she withdrew her child from the forthcoming testing program and wrote to each member of the organising committee to thank them and tell them what she had done. She said, “I want my child’s education to be personalised not standardised.”

A standardised child is a popular Australian product however, neatly packaged, approved by Teachers Union and Principals’ Associations who easily succumb to being ‘stared down’ by the more powerful; and compliant with the edicts and mandates of their storm troopers. Even some large corporate executives believe that ‘best in test’ and ‘top scorers’ means ‘best school’ or ‘top school’.  Serious concerned parents, however, would need to be wary.  They are trying to convince gullible parents, as concerned as they might be, into thinking that results in last year’s contest apply to this year’s judgements. Steady, Mum and Dad, before you change schools! Use that crap detector of yours.

Year 3 Standardisation

The poor little ankle-biters  –  7-8 years of age – imagine – next week – lining up in desks in that bare room [they might get hints from something left on the wall by the teacher] – heads down – bingo-style – silence reigns – bubbles are marked on a test paper – strict time limits [or the teacher-supervisor says goodbye to a career] – tense atmosphere.

How can you monstrous measurement freaks and your supporters impose this on kids so young? How can you do this on school premises which are supposed to be saturated with love, respect for the young, happiness, eagerness to learn, fun, laughter?

If you know any parent who has a child in Year 3 [where the “heat of Year 12 exams has been turned on Year 3s”], encourage them to talk to each; and share thoughts about these nasty tests with each other… the parents of Kimberley College [Clearly the best of the top schools in Q’ld because it thinks as a school] did last year.

Isn’t 7-8 years of age too young to be subjected to the rigours of paper-and-pencil blanket testing?   You do know, don’t you, that children in most European and other advanced countries do not start school until they are 7 years of age.

[Finnish children start school at 7 years and, despite the country’s dislike of blanket testing, lead the world in the PISA tests. How come, we might ask?]

In this world of compare, contrast, measure, compete, drill, kill….Year 3s in other countries are two years older than ours, aren’t they?

Do the tests enthuse one as young as 7 years to become a keener learner ? If not, what is the purpose of the test?

MUM.  DAD. Take this seriously. My advice to every one of you is to withdraw you child from all NAPLAN blanket testing asap.  Permitting someone else to do what they do to little Year 3s is not nice. Measurement fadsters with little respect for children.

Even if kids from other countries are 9 years of age in Year 3, that age is still too young for their learning spirit to be mutilated.

Listen to this Dad………….


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