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May 3

Politicians: Your grandchildren will not be thanking you for your silence during the current NAPLAN times. That’s for sure.


‘”By ignoring the advice of the profession and academics and pursuing their ideological agenda, the National Government is doing huge damage to our potential as a country at the cutting edge of scientific and technological development. I have stated before that, if writing and mathematics are going to dominate education, we are just going to end up with huge numbers of accountants  and report writers. On the positive side, we will be able to track and describe our economic decline with some accuracy.”


“This abhorrent and insidious method of assessing children, teachers and their schools needs to stop now…..Wake up Australia before it is too late. Teachers, parents and children need to let governments know that we are heading into a cultural and educational crisis unless we address these issues  now.”  in “WAKE UP AUSTRALIA or we’ll have a nation of unimaginative robots.” by Richard Gill in ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’  – available on http://www.literacyeducators.com.au shortly.

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New Q’ld Education LNP Minister – A Leftie?

“….Mr. Langbroek appears, rather perversely, to be painting himself into a position that is somewhere to the left of the previous premier who tended to side with a Teacher’s Union …..”

says Brisbane’s  Courier Mail. [CM Viewpoint P.28. May 3 2012]

Mein Gott!     OMG !

That’s what you get Mr.L., for suggesting that NAPLAN blanket testing ....does not take into account the other less easily assessed and more intangible life and social skills that can flow from a well-rounded education that often caters for children of widely varying socio-economic backgrounds and innate ability….. Thus [says the CM editor] it is somewhat curious to see Mr. Langbroek express concerns about giving ‘disproportionate weight to assessment’  and emphasise the holistic role that teachers and schools play.”

You should know as an experienced politician, Mr. L., that telling the truth can get you into trouble.

You are now branded, Mr. L. Take heart…. you could be to the left of the NAPLAN-forever-silent Teachers’ Union and still be on the political right; if you judge left/rightishness by normal standards. [Perhaps you’re left-handed] The QTU last offered comment of any substance on NAPLAN about three years ago when it published its Professional Magazine containing some reliable,  unbiased, up-to-date articles, one by our own Queensland Studies Authority.  If, as the CM article suggests,  the QTU is “…vehemently opposed to information that simply seeks to inform…”,  I have yet to see evidence of this.   I’ve been reading the QTU’s journal  since  1946 and I haven’t noticed much NAPLAN-contrary comment.  I reckon that you will be safe from contamination from those classroom teachers.  I wish that the QTU and the AEU would do something. The kids and their teachers need a lot more help than they are getting from any industrial or professional group.

It seems certain that the future of school children’s learning and the rescue  of Australia’s economic future is firmly in the hands of those parents who are saying NO to NAPLAN.

“Choice is always best informed with the most reliable and up-to-date information available”

{Courier Mail Viewpoint P.28 May 3 2012]


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