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April 26

Hi Politicians: It’s happening!  What do you think?


Launch of ‘Say NO to NAPLAN’

It’s truly exciting to think that we are on the brink of real, fair-dinkum Aussie reform, about to start when enough parents give serious consideration to what is happening to their children. The reform has to start with the complete scrapping of NAPLAN. It is evil. When you get a chance to read the booklet  “Say NO to NAPLAN” [to be distributed on Monday]on  you will find heaps of  reasons to scrap it.

The launch in Melbourne on Monday afternoon has already received some press attention in today’s The Age; The Sydney Morning Herald; The Canberra Time; The West Australian


A ‘simple fix’ for School Curriculum

Marion Brady

The Washington Post 26 April 2012

Marion Brady is a widely-known and highly respected U.S. educator[ ]. He writes regularly for Veronica Strauss’ ‘The Answer Sheet’ in The Washington Post’ .  His messages are usually meaningful and powerful. This one is as powerful as it gets and I do commend its careful reading. As an editor said of another of his writings : “Serious minded educators who begin to read this manuscript are very likely to finish it and be influenced by it for the better. Those who are not serious-minded, if there is any hope for them at all, might start to be serious minded…”

Yes. It is that kind of paper.

Towards the end of the article he asks, “Do I want authorities to mandate school use of what I am talking about? Absolutely not.” He then proceeds to list, in Australia terms:- The Federal and State Governments, ACARA, Business Interests, publishers of tests – to just get out of the road. He continues, “What they are offering [accompanied by threats and bribes] is more of the same old 19th Century thinking, now ‘legitimized’ by rich philanthropists, big-business CEOs, politicians, lawyers, fund managers, all supported by mainstream media that think Arne Duncan , Joel Klein, Jeb Bush, Michelle Rhee, and other high-profile pontificators really know how to fix schools. They don’t.”

The article concludes : “It’s hard to imagine a poorer system for preparing the young for coping with the mess that the system has helped to create.”


Sincere best wishes to the ‘serious-minded’ educators gathering in Melbourne on Monday.

The gathering gives hope to those who care for kids.

Australia is already a better place because you are doing what you are doing.

God bless you.


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