Treehorn Shortie : Oops. Wrong day. It’s Monday

 Treehorn Shortie

Oops. Wrong day. In yesterday’s Treehorn Express I mentioned the big day of Say NO to NAPLAN as being held on Tuesday next. Wrong. Senior moment. See the attached invitation. Most of us will not be able to attend, but the details are given on this attachment. The launch is being held on Monday.

APRIL 30 should be a significant day for Australia.  The launch of  “SAY NO TO NAPLAN” should represent the beginning of the end of the worst period in the history of schooling in Australia.

This is not said lightly.  Australia has had examination systems since public schooling started.  NAPLAN, however, represents deliberate gross fear inflicted on every single Australian school child who is unable to escape its dreadful implications….and for no teaching/learning benefit whatsoever.

The papers will be available on on Monday. The site is already an active one, but it is being re-designed for Monday’s big launch. Please spread its papers and their messages to as many as possible.

If you should like to send best wishes for the launch, you might like to contact any one or all of the following. Please try to do so. It’s a big occasion. Tell your friends to do the same.  Do it now! Let’s join them.

What a wonderful group of people.

Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia 2486

07 5524 6443

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