The rough end

 Treehorn Shortie

Daniel Pinkwater, ‘renowned children’s author and accidental exam writer’  comments …

The Washington Post takes up the story. It discusses the impact of such tests on VAM [soon to hit Australia if present trends are followed and NAPLAN is supported] – the measurement of teacher competency based on test results – and concludes : “…the whole push for test-based school reform makes about as much sense as a talking pineapple.”

And such U.S. based measurers,  indirectly of course, control the curriculum for Australian schools. Despite pious utterances, VAM – value-added-measurement of teacher ability as ‘revealed’ by pupils’ test results will become a feature of Australia schooling…in spades.   Measurers love the idea. It’s a certainty.  If Australian teachers SAY NO TO NAPLAN, then idiotic VAM cannot get started. It is as simple as that…….

NAPLAN ? ….as much sense as a talking pineapple.


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