The Talking Pineapple

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Treehorn story?

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April 21



The Talking Pineapple

We friendly fossils fighting the good fight [Les O’Gorman] will enjoy this article

Such NY tests are constructed by Pearson, the largest testing and assessment group  in the world, in close competition with Murdoch whose test publishing manager is Joel Klein [whom you may see holding Rupert’s hand again at the Leverson inquiry in London next week] . These folk control the school curriculum in all GERM countries, especially Australia where Joel has a vested interest. Of all the bright, intelligent folk in New York [19-20 millions] Julia chose  him, a school-loose ex-lawyer whose knowledge of the classroom is up there with the moon-fairies, to lead us into the future   He, on behalf of Emperor Rupert, and Pearsons share the test market and determine our curriculum.

Their employed measurers ensure what content is taught in schools throughout each GERM country, since the curriculum in GERM countries, such as ours, is based on what is measured  in tests.

This particular test item describes a contest between a pineapple and a hare and will probably become a legendary item.  The story has started to spread.  It was written by a measurer, whom an outstanding quiz expert thinks must have been on peyote.  The question has been used seriously in a number of US states. Peyote, taken from the flower of a cactus plant. is an anthogen that has psycho-active effects. It was used by the author of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest” while writing some of the chapters.  Maybe measurers need this sort of stimulation to do what they do!

Allan Alach asks,”If stupidity got us into this mess, why can’t it get us out?”


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