Naplan Confusions

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Prepared and presented by Phil Cullen, proud anti-NAPLAN geriactivist thinking of kids.


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April 17


If NAPLAN was in a lost property box, who would dare claim it as their intellectual property?

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Naplan Confusions

1. There are aspects of the administration of NAPLAN that one has to query…

Why is it that there is no public notice to tell parents that their children do NOT have to take the NAPLAN test?   Why don’t school principals tell parents on their websites?

The tests will be held in a few weeks and few members of the public know that they are not compulsory. Why the secrecy?

Then, why do Departmental officials tell blatant lies to parents… “Participation in the NAPLAN tests is mandatory for all children …”

Surely such confusion places the credibility of the administration of NAPLAN in serious doubt.

When state department officials do not know the rules, there has to be a problem.

And doesn’t it feel strange that the public press has so little to say about NAPLAN.  [Wait for results and it will.]


2.  In terms of financial accountability at the federal and state levels,  a search for prunings of public activity that do little for the public good is being undertaken. Strange things happen, and there is speculation that little has been recommended in education terms because the PM actually believes that New York’s Mr. Klein knew what he was  talking about; and her blind devotion is respected, albeit feared,  by state ministers. There has been little mention of NAPLAN as a source of immense saving. It is useless, unnecessary, damaging to our future, stressful for children, unprofessional, unethical and its demise would save millions of dollars. Why isn’t it, scaredy-cats?


NEW YORK [The source of NAPLAN]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch  where all the high-stakes, fear-driven testing adamant was first entrenched, thanks to Messrs Klein and Murdoch, a group called New York State Professors Against High Stakes Testing has released an on-line petition to stop the damage that the tests are doing….”both because it undermines creative classroom instruction and because it puts teachers and students under intolerable stress.”  The alliance of Professors want to extend the alliance and share“….common cause with public school teachers and principals, who are trying to protect their profession from being undermined by management systems which disregard their traditions and best practices.”



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