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March 30


Dear Mr. Swan

Congratulations to you on your planned efforts to bring the budget back to sensible limits.

There is no doubt, that NAPLAN will disappear as the most useless expenditure ever undertaken by a Federal Government.  It will be the first to go, of course. The money should have been spent on improvements to schooling in the first place, as you now realise.  It was a political hiccup that became a gigantic mistake,  introduced in a ruddy blush, if you will pardon the spoonerism; and our children’s future is now in jeopardy.  You will know this, of course. Things are now on the up and up in anticipation of the cancellation of NAPLAN. Perhaps you can keep some of the money for worthwhile learning pursuits or improving quality interaction in our classrooms. We can beat the world in the provision of quality education if we try.

It is understood that some of the NAPLAN expenditure is the responsibility of state governments, so the cancellation of NAPLAN will have a positive effect. It will be good news for state treasurers.

Educators can imagine the pressure that you will face from corporate concerns in Australia and America. There are many millions that you will be saving  that was destined for the pockets of the morbidly obese publishers and corporations who have captured the schooling endeavours of our children for a few years now. They will have to find other targets. Our real and hidden curricula will become useful aspects of school life.

Colleague Peter should be pleased. He will be able to concentrate on school-based learning instead of just running around with a ruler to measure the immeasurable.

On behalf of every teacher of Years 3, 5, 7, 9, in particular,  and all others who work in schools with them, we wish you well as your think of the benefits to our school pupils. When NAPLAN is banned, your political party, as would any political party, deserves to increase its voting power by a few million teachers, their relatives, friends and school parents who care for kids.

Keep it up, Mr Swan.


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Maintained by outstanding NZ educator, Allan Alach

Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia 2486

07 5524 6443

Hi Kids. Is the cheat-fest a worry?  You will need to enjoy the holidays, right?  Then…get ready for practise and more practise.


One thought on “Dear Mr Swan

  1. A note of cynicism Phil?
    Might I suggest an alternative hypothesis. Swann won’t listen because he hopes that NAPLAN looks like ‘doing something about education’, without the expense of actually having to do it. It’s a bit like making a religion out of balancing the budget and then pretending you’re only doing it for the good of the economy, when nearly every economist in the country believes it will have the opposite effect.
    Hard to think of a more confused government. Their hearts are in the right place, but their heads are in a much darker and smellier place.

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