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March 21

No mention of NAPLAN in the the Queensland electioneering yet.

Treehorn wears a wry smile : “So?  Do you really expect adults to worry about kids?”


National Security [U.S.A.] at Risk

Treehorn would suggest that few Australians will take any notice of what this implies for Australia, I’m sure.

Treehorn makes the big-time in the USA

Joy Resmovits of the Huffington Press comments on the  Schools Report: Failing to Prepare Students Hurts National Security, Prosperity by Condi and Joel [our Aussie hero]. Below the official portrait of Condi is a list of 8 related articles.  In the list, there is a reference to our March 17 blog .

Onya Treehorn.

After ten+ years of heavy high stakes blanket testing there is: “a rising tide of mediocrity…”

In this article one will be able to view the politically-admired founder of our Australian schooling system and curriculum designer, Joel Klein,  join with Condi Rice on a video clip to suggest that the USA’s cannon fodder is not up to scratch. Soldiers need higher literacy and numeracy skills to invade other countries. Couldn’t be caused by the high stakes testing regime that has been in place for over ten years – at least one generation of pupils and students –  of course!  Choice will fix it! Charter schools! What about effective pupil-oriented learning?

“Condi Rice-Joel Klein report: Not the new ‘A Nation at Risk.”

This was circulated yesterday and is repeated in case you missed it. It’s a comment from Valerie Strauss whose regular column The Answer Sheet appeared yesterday in The Washington Post.

On 14 March the Washington Post had anticipated the outcome of the report…


If you have 4 minutes 17 seconds to spare from your busy schedule, click on the theme song “Care for Kids” above, relax and ‘take in’ the words. Meditate on the plight of today’s generation of Aussie kids.

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