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Theme song: ‘Care for Kids’

The Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of Kleinist NAPLAN testing in Australia. 

Our recently introduced Australian schooling system is based on one introduced to a New York school district by a lawyer, Joel Klein. in 2002 and copied by Australia’s Ms. Gillard in 2009, without consultation or examination. Mr Klein now heads the Murdoch test-publishing company worth billions. Australian test-freaks are amongst his disciples.

Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which separates ‘haves’ from ‘have nots’ and opens the door for mega-bank-rolling by known curriculum vandals for control of school-based learning. That’s why it exists.

It disrespects school pupils, devalues teachers’ professionalism, forces States to prescribe school texts and teaching strategies, threatens Australia’s future and rivals the Perth Mint as a money source for the top end of town. Why does Australia support it? Weird.

Come on folks. Get off the fence.

Say something to somebody who might be able to rescue our kids. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

“Looking forward to teaching in 2012 ?” I asked

“Gosh. The first few months at our school it’s just NAPLAN, NAPLAN, HAPLAN. What do you think?”  she replied.


Sites to Behold

These are arranged in alphabetical order. You probably have most of them. They are favourites. Each is alive, unique and very enlightening. I know that you will want to preserve contact with all of them. Check them every now and then.

BOWER, Joe [Canada] :

BRADY, Marion [Washington] :


GURR, Tony [Melbourne] :

HAMMONDS, Bruce [N.Z.] :

HORNSBY, David [Melbourne] :

KOHN, Alfie [USA] :




SMYTHE, Kelvin [N.Z.] :

STRAUSS, Valerie [USA] :


STAND ALONE SITES    Sir Ken Robinson talks about the changing paradigm, with illustrations. [Dec.2010]  Sir Ken…[May 2010]  Sir Ken [June, 2006]  An hour-long video. Four outstanding US educators discuss how the media mangled the debate about pubic education.’s_schools   Diane Ravitch comments.  Submissions to Australian Senate Inquiry.  Refer:  Nos.20 [Phil Cullen]; 208 [Prof. Margaret Wu]; 228 {APPA]


If you have 4 minutes 17 seconds to spare from your busy schedule, click on the theme song “Care for Kids” above, relax and ‘take in’ the words. It’s quick meditation. Enjoy.

Other Treehorns ? There are 69 of these on this site. 

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Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia 2486

07 5524 6443


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