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The Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of Kleinist NAPLAN testing in Australia.  Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which uses the blanket-testing ‘wmd’ called NAPLAN [its only learning-motivational weapon] to destroy the  reputation of teachers and schools. This weapon was forced on schools in Australia in 2009. It separates ‘haves’ from ‘have nots’ and opens the door for mega-bank-rolling by known curriculum vandals for control of school-based learning. It disrespects school pupils, devalues teachers’ professionalism, threatens Australia’s developmental future and is just no good.  Politely described, it stinks. Although some ‘education’ groups support it, ideologically, NAPLAN is immoral, unprofessional, politically driven, unrequested by the profession, curriculum destructive, extremely costly, wasteful and divisive. It has a background of malicious intent.


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By Les Treichel

As the NAPLAN debate continues to rage and the political will to continue to support the notion of “blanket testing” remains strong, our school authorities unfortunately find themselves bound by the edict of mandatory compliance.

Non-compliance results in the penalisation and/or persecution of those who defy the decree or dare question its value within the context of teaching and learning.

Shame within a democratic society that the voices of dissent are stifled in such a dictatorial fashion!

So, in the interests of providing our children with an educational environment that is highly conducive to meaningful learning – an environment that truly takes into account their individual differences and enables them to fully exploit and harness their innate abilities, interests and creative talents, we simply must seek, capture and recruit “parental power” in our quest to secure a better tomorrow.

Parents generally, in common with the professional arm, would agree that this fear of failure generated by NAPLAN in today’s pressurised, stressful classroom incubators is unhealthy and damaging not only for the pupil but also for those charged with the delivery of the curriculum. All would acknowledge the restrictive nature of learning “blanket testing” of this kind imposes.

Why then is it that dissenting parental voices have largely remained mute?

In answer to this question, a number of contentious issues and concerns need rightfully to be aired:

  • Is it because parents do not fully comprehend the nature and consequences of “blanket testing”?
  • Is it because they innocently accept NAPLAN as a credible indicator/benchmark to measure their children’s Literacy and Numeracy attainment levels?
  • Is it because they lack TRUST in the schooling system and the teaching profession in general?
  • Is it because they are unhappy or disillusioned with the school’s internal monitoring policies and reporting procedures?
  • Is it because they require the school to give them more information about their child’s progress more regularly?
  •  Is it because what they are receiving is based solely on the teacher’s perception and not on any concrete evidence?
  • Is it because parent/teacher relationships have been soured and at the best are strained and quite tenuous?
  • Is it because home/school communication is irregular and lacking in real substance?
  •  Is it because they believe NAPLAN provides them with the added assurance to complement or compare the “School’s Story”?
  • Is it because they warm to NAPLAN as a competitive motivational tool and relish the thought of pitting child against child, teacher against teacher and school against school?
  • OR is it because they simply don’t care?

These are the questions all educators must seriously ponder. Our school authorities need to become far more proactive in seeking resolutions to these questions through engaging their school communities in open debate and in the process even be willing to sacrifice any of the “sacred cows” currently hindering or blocking parental support pathways.

The purveyors of NAPLAN will retain supremacy until our school communities speak with the one voice.

School administrators have a responsible leadership role to play in ensuring all parents are fully informed and conscious of the deleterious effects of what is nothing short of an ill-conceived “vote-grabbing” decision of government.

Unfortunately the rights of a child to enjoy and experience a full and wholesome education in an environment conditioned to cultivate a love of and zest for life-long learning were conveniently disregarded in the process.

Only with the support of the “parental lobby” will our political masters be forced to re-think the consequences of “the evil” they have cast upon our schools.


                                             IT’S TIME FOR ALL STAKEHOLDERS TO ACT!




{Note 3 sections 1….destroys childhood; 2….destroys public schooling; 3….destroys children’s constitutional rights.}

THE FORCE –  ‘Let’s improve the scores’ – is coming to a school near you.

For information on how to withdraw your child from high-stakes blanket testing, contact your Principal.


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