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Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of Kleinist NAPLAN testing in Australian.   Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which  uses the blanket testing ‘wmd’ called NAPLAN to destroy the reputation of  public schooling.      This weapon was introduced to schools in Australia in 2009. It disrespects children, devalues teachers’ professionalism and threatens the developmental future of Australia.     Ideologically, NAPLAN is immoral, politically driven, curriculum destructive, extremely costly, unprofessional, interruptive and very divisive. It is clearly aimed in a malicious manner  at public schooling and its teachers.  It also strives for mandated, standardised mediocre achievements in only a very few aspects of a full school curriculum in all schools.  It will survive until enough good people say, “Stop it.”

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It’s Teachers Day

We celebrate Teachers Day down under, today.  Although World Teachers Day was held on October 5, national celebrations are held on different occasions.  UNESCO instituted the notion forty years ago. Australia and New Zealand chose the last Friday of October. If one searches today’s press for big-time recognition of the work of teachers and their tolerance for stress, one might be disappointed. A ‘google’ of teachers’ poems and other  indications of teachers’ worth, however, can be fun, however. It’s a good day for doing this.

My favourite recognition of Teachers Day remains a letter to the Brisbane Courier Mail on Teachers Day 2008, written by Catriona James-McGovern of Bundaberg.


I am a primary teacher. As well as teaching English, which includes reading, writing, spelling, punctuation, phonics, gramma, handwriting, speaking and listening, I teach maths, SOSE [social studies], science, art, health and technology.

I teach children to sing, dance and act so they can be part of a school musical. I teach children about healthy eating and the need for exercise.

I teach children to communicate and get along with others, to value others’ opinions, to treat other as they would like to be treated, to use manners, to respect the property of others and to be fair. I teach children to cross the road safely, to ride their bikes safely, to walk safely on the cement. I teach them to wash their hands, to blow their noses, to wear hats in the sun and to sit on their chairs safely.

I teach children to want to come to school, to want to learn and develop a love for learning. The children I teach know that I will do my best for each one of them, that I like them, that I value their opinions, that I want each of them to succeed and that I am proud of their achievements.

Who am I? Just an ordinary teacher. There are thousands of other teachers just like me out there. Thousands of them pick up the newspapers or turn to television daily to be told what a bad job they are doing.

I love my job. I love the children; I love the buzz I get when they make me proud and I love the noise of 52 of them beating down my classroom door at 8.15am every day.

That’s what will get me through the turbulent times ahead. I hope that all of those teachers just like me get through them, too. Have a great Teacher’s Day today.


I know that I’m not supposed to, but I feel a little teary every time I read this wonderful comment.  I do check it out every now and then on  It breathes such  hope for a better immediate future.  I  trust that the writer and all of her colleagues are surviving these ‘turbulent times’ and that they enjoy today.


Re-form  Compulsory  Schooling.

Start at the classroom.


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