Re-form compulsory schooling.

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Treehorn Express is dedicated to the cessation of Kleinist NAPLAN testing in Australian.   Kleinism is a New York version of fear-driven schooling which  uses the blanket testing ‘wmd’ called NAPLAN to destroy the reputation of  public schooling.      This weapon was introduced to schools in Australia in 2009. It disrespects children, devalues teachers’ professionalism and threatens the developmental future of Australia.     Ideologically, NAPLAN is immoral, politically driven, curriculum destructive, extremely costly, unprofessional, interruptive and very divisive. It is clearly aimed in a malicious manner  at public schooling and its teachers.  It also strives for mandated, standardised mediocre achievements in only a very few aspects of a full school curriculum in all schools.  It will survive until enough good people say, “Stop it.”

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Re-form  Compulsory  Schooling.

Start at the classroom.


Re-form   – NOT reform [meaning ‘change’].

RE-FORM. Start the system again. Design it from the knowledge of how children learn in school-room settings. What goes on in each classroom is the only thing that matters. For goodness sake, all you politicians….set things up so that expert classroom operators can consider their task and work on how to do better than we are presently doing. Don’t make decisions on what you think goes on.

Compulsory – The starting age for compulsory attendance needs to be determined by examining the accumulated knowledge of the learning habits of children and how they develop their idiosyncratic learning styles.  Special effort is required for setting the age to start undertaking institutionalised, regular, organised learning habits.  Should there be a completion age?

Schooling – The word ‘education’ is a nondescript word that says nothing important. A child’s education happens all the time during waking hours. A child’s schooling is special, especially when it is forced on you..

Classroom – The place where we force children to spend time so they can learn things and develop their unique styles of learning. To have each classroom work efficiently and effectively is why society appoints Ministers of Education and Secretaries.  The effect of their decisions on what happens in school classrooms is surely their main job. To have classrooms work well is why Principals, Senior Education officials and advisers have a job, also.  Their curriculum [guiding learners through certain learnings] leadership is their main role. This last group needs to know as much about each classroom within their care as possible and to be in them as often as possible. They need to read widely and know more than most about schooling.

The home rooms themselves need to be of a size and shape, and contain sufficient learning material that allows for the full range of teaching strategies. Can you describe an ideal classroom for various age groups and various school activities?


The previous Treehorn Express [17 October 2011] indicated that teachers know more than most about a schooling system that works . Pollies, take note. Dismiss the above generalities at your country’s peril. Use teachers’ advice and decision-making abilities to provide quality schooling.

Let’s put on our thinking caps by asking each other some salient questions.

1. What is schooling ?

2. What is a school?

3.What do teachers do in their classrooms?

4. What do pupils do while at school?

It’s thinking time. Let’s deal with these issues, one at a time.

Lee Crockett and Ian Jukes call this a poem. Google them. It’s worth it. Others have said that it is just a list of slogans. What do you think ?

     What is a teacher?

What is a teacher?

A guide, not a guard.

What is learning?

A journey, not a destination.

What is discovery?

Questioning the answer not answering the question.

What is process?

Discovering ideas, not covering content.

What is the goal?

Open minds, not closed issues.

What is the test?

Being and learning, not reviewing and remembering.

What is learning?

Not doing things differently, but doing different things.

What is teaching?

Not showing pupils what to learn, but showing them HOW to learn.

What is a school?

Whatever we chose to make it.

Next question: What is a GOOD school ? See the next Treehorn Express.


You will recall the regret expressed by Ontario tertiary teachers about the effects of the 1997 testing and its rigid curriculum regimes; and how they are now paying, big time, for the folly. Allan Alach comments : “The tragedy is that this was predictable and disregarded, as are current concerns and evidence. Ideology and money are too strong for reason. Shades of the way Galileo was treated.”


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