Naplan Results Out

Until Naplan blanket testing is ‘dead, buried and cremated’.

The  Treehorn  Express

For more recent readers, I had better explain who Treehorn is. He is the hero of Florence Patty Heidi’s The Shrinking of Treehorn. The lad keeps shrinking and shrinking, but no adult takes any notice. His Mum, his Dad, his Teacher, his Principal all take as little notice of him as they can. They notice that he exists, but that’s about all.  Despite his desperate condition he is treated ‘with ignore’ to the highest degree. That’s why I chose him. Treehorn and his present-day age-peers are almost totally ignored by the same groups of people when it comes to school policies everywhere. Parents, teachers and principals do not give a hoot whether young school children are treated badly or not. They even allow child-worrying, fear-driven, torturous tests [which serve no good purpose] in the schools, when a simple “NO’ would save endless heartache for their young ones.


For those who care about school kids [& one or two who don’t] 


Private Schools Win

Ho Hum.

Thank you linesmen, thank you ball-boys.

Cost ?  A little above $50m for the few items this year …$261m over 5 years if it lasts so long.  Waste? [I wonder how the kids in East Africa are going?’]

Public Interest ? Low. Very low. Round about Page 7 newspaper stuff. No TV.

You have to wonder, don’t you?  Does this mean that Kleinism is a flop?  What the blazes is going on ?



An article written by Steve Denning [ Forbes Management Magazine], and forwarded by Ken Gilbert of TheGrowingEdge Consulting Service says clearly “…the biggest problem is a pre-occupation with, and the application of, the factory model of management to education, where everything is arranged for the scalability and efficiency of ‘the system’, to which the students, the teachers, the parents and the administrators have to adjust. ‘The system’ grinds forward, at ever increasing cost and declining efficiency, dispiriting students, teachers and parents alike.”

When “…the education system is seen to be in trouble, there is a tendency to think we need ‘better management’, or ‘stronger management’ or ‘tougher management’, where ‘management’ is assumed to be the factory model of management.”

“The methods are known to be failing in the private sector, because they despirit the employees and limit their ability to contribute their imagination and creativity.”



Kleinism is well established in Australia. As the epitome of factory model management, what are its essential elements?

1. Children learn best when frightened by test results.

2. Teachers teach better when frightened by test results.

3. Competition between teachers, schools, districts, states helps children to learn better.

4. Public pronouncements frighten authorities into trying to do better on blanket tests.

5. Blanket tests are the best way to measure children’s school progress.

6. Money is no object.

There are many other elements, but these are the stand-outs.

There has been wide support for these from some sections of the teaching service in Australia, since it was introduced in 2009.

Damage is difficult to calculate, but it is wide-spread and it IS really enormous.


Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia  2386

07 5524 6443

Hey Aussie Parents. Do what US and NZ  parents are doing. OPT OUT NOW.

[That’s if you care]


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