It’s Not On the Test

The Treehorn  Express

 Treehorn, immortalised by author Florence Parry Heide and cartoonist Edward Gorey, and his school mates continue to be treated badly to satisfy…..

the greed of  mega-rich publishers;

the election prospects of compliant hench-pollies;

the ambitions of sychophantic, sciolist  ‘educators’……who use

taciturn, confused, obedient teachers… apply fear-driven tests and a distorted curriculum to….

anxious children who do as they are told.

So: Stop Naplan


It’s Not on the Test [Tom Chapin]

You have probably seen this song sung before. Last year at this time…just before the US blanket testing of measureables …the clip featured a father singing the song to his drowsy son who was about to go to sleep; mentioning the things that he and his son would like learn more about :- Music, Art, Debating, Thinking….. that are put to one side.  “They never teach anything not on the test” he sings. It sounds as if the lad’s school was a real test factory. Many are. Can’t blame them.

Click on “Accurate, Though Sad, Music Video on Standardized Test” below and sing along. It’s a catchy tune.

Go on to sleep now little grader of mine,

The test is tomorrow but you’ll do just fine.’

It’s Reading and Math: forget all the rest.

You don’t need to know what is not on the test.

Each box that you tick on each test that you take,

Remember your teachers; their jobs are at stake.

Your score is their score, but don’t get all stressed;

They never teach anything not on the test.

The school board is faced with ‘No Child Left Behind’,

With rules but no funding; they’re caught in a bind;

So Music and Art and the things you love best

Are not in the school ‘cos they’re not on the test.

Sleep, sleep and you’ll progress,

You’ll learn there’s a lot that is not on the test.

zdebate is a skill that is useful to know

Unless you’re in Congress or talk-radio;

Where Shouting and Spouting and Spewing are blessed,

As rational discourse was not on the test.

Thinking’s important; it’s good to know how.

Someday you’ll learn to; but somedays’ not now.

Go on to sleep now; you’ll need your rest.

Don’t think about thinking; it’s not on the test.

 Accurate, Though Sad, Music Video On Standardized Tests

Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia 2486

07 5524 6443

Please share with as many others as possible.

Think of the kids,

Naplan has to stop.


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