Geek Education

The  Treehorn  Express

Treehorn was a little fellow who kept shrinking, He is the hero of a Young Puffin 1971 children’s book by Florence Parry Heide [Note her name change] called The Shrinking of Treehorn with some bizarre illustrations by Edward Gorey. It’s a gem. Amazon review says…”Treehorn is clearly shrinking. and his parents aren’t the least bit interested. His mother is obsessed with whether or not her cake will rise. His father, at one point addressing a son who can barely see over the table, states blindly, “Nobody shrinks.” Treehorn doesn’t seem all that bothered that his clothes are hanging all over his extremities; he just feels someone should know. But the adults he tries to notify brush off his claims as either a ploy for attention or downright bad behaviour.

Treehorn’s parents, his teacher and his principal respond [or fail to respond] to his drastically diminishing stature in ways that will ring true to any kid who has tried to convince adults of the existence of fairies, the Loch Ness Monster or things that go bump in the night.

It’s a story for every child who has ever felt ignored by grown-ups [in other words, a story for all]


Geek Education

[Geek : slang term for computer expert or enthusiast]

You will already know something of the immense preparation by the media and digital moguls for the assault on school purses and public finance;  and for schools to be more directly controlled  by the ambitions of Murdoch, Klein, Gates and friends. Only the glib, naive and complacent will dismiss the seriousness. Built on the evils of national blanket testing devices, the control of schooling by geek forces is almost here.

Gary Stager  [ ] says, “We need to scream, swear, pull our pants down…whatever it takes to save our public treasure [schools] from becoming the playthings of Gates, Murdoch and Broad. We are in deep trouble [kids are in worse trouble] if we don’t drop teacher civility and  if we continue to be victimized.”

In another article Stager was commenting on Matt Damon’s support for schools and schoolies at the Washington march last Saturday, “Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen. We no longer engage in genteel debates about the different approaches to spelling instruction.

There are well-funded powerful forces out to destroy public education and  deprive educators of their livelihood. Despite this, most educators remain silent and defenceless.

Educators, if you will not stand up and take care of yourselves, how can we count on you to care for other people’s children ? If you will not stand between school pupils and the madness of ‘the system’, who will?

Matt Damon can’t save you. YOU need to be the action hero for children.”

This lack of teacher interest is serious stuff. Treehorn and his school mates keep being ignored during the most traumatic period of their lives.  On  one will find a really detailed description of the state of play. [If a click does not open this site, make sure you google. It’s worth it.] It is a thorough expose of the intentions of Murdoch and Klein [the founder and patron of Australia’s new schooling system]. It takes a while to read if you click on the important references, but well worth the effort of doing so.  Amongst other things, it mentions, “Murdoch has taken the strategy [of control] by hiring Joel Klein, by using his New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and FOX NEWS to promote the meme that public education is a failure that can only be saved by radical reform of the system and aggressive lobbying behind the scenes for business deals and radical education reforms to support the money-makers’ big visions. [In Australia Murdoch controls three-quarters of the public press – see below for the newspaper that sets your daily conversational agenda.]

The Wireless Generation/ARIS contract is just a little glimpse into that very corrupt process; and Murdoch and Klein should NOT be allowed to get away with this; NOT after the bribing of the London Met. Police; NOT after the attempts to subvert justice in Britain; NOT after all the political manipulation [e.g. by Klein of Gillard in our case] and chicanery.

Frightening isn’t it?  Digital assistance to schooling is inevitable.  How it is used and how much of it?  Such decisions MUST be located in the hands of the classroom teachers….surely…. no one else.   What do teachers think ? How do we parents find out what they think before the Murdoch/Klein tsunami? Geeks on tap or on top? Will teachers be left to decide when and how they access digital information or will they be forced to follow someone else’s programs? Will Murdoch/Klein computer generated  information be linked to the hard-data, high-stakes testing system ?

As Greg Champion says in The Collected Wisdom of Guru Bob…. “Never underestimate the power of uninformed people in large numbers to make huge mistakes.”

Left in the hands of the power-drunk, money-hungry manipulators with their army of geeks, nerds and sciolists, each country that entertains their schooling presence is preparing for a sad future. So mildly stated. that’s for sure. This is very serious business, especially if there is a connection to the screw-ball, evil blanket testings


Some Murdoch newspaper ownerships in Australia…

NSW : The Australian, Daily Telegraph,   Vic : Herald Sun, Geelong Advertiser. Leader.   Q’ld: The Courier Mail, Gold Coast Bulletin, Cairns Post, Townsville Bulletin, Tableland Advertiser, Quest. S.A.: Adelaide Advertiser.

W.A.: Sunday Times, Community. Tas,: Hobart Mercury. N.T. NT News.

Quite a number of community newspapers.


Phil Cullen

41 Cominan Avenue

Banora Point

Australia  2486

07 5524 6443

‘Who’s Who in Australia’

Please help our school pupils to regain the freedom to learn. Send this information to as many teachers, parents and politicians [especially your local ones] as you can think of.




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