Money Money Money

The Treehorn Express

If you have read Florence Patty’s The Shrinking of Treehorn you will know of Treehorn’s dilemma. As he shrunk, adults who cared for him, ignored his condition. Adult haughtiness and laissez faire attitude to their children’s welfare at school convinced our hero that they just don’t care. Sadly, this attitude is revealed in so many ways, notably in the way that fear-driven testing in schools threatens their children’s attitude to learning; and the development of each individual’s learning techniques.


Money, Money, Money

More and more evidence is emerging of ways in which greed for more money controls the operations of public schools. Yes. It revolves around Naplan, the implications of which so many good ordinary citizens ignore. If only they would tell their politicians that they don’t like what is going on; and if principals of schools would stick with their professional ethics, the teaching and learning in our schools would improve tremendously. Fear has its limitations and our school controllers rely on it too much.

Please stand back and think about it.

*Our PM, when she was Minister, wanted to gain votes from her education sector. It is always a soft target,especially when one mentions ‘basics’,  ‘failure’. ‘kids on the check-counter’, ‘can’t spell’, ‘bullying’. At the time,  she happened to speak to a New Yorker who ran a fear-driven school district that, he claimed was better-off because he was there; and he liked running tests and scaring the pants off teachers. Julia bought it. She became quite determined and introduced the Klein system of schooling to Australia without any meaningful consultation with Aussie Schoolies. Joel Klein knows best, she claimed! He now proudly boasts of having introduced a “…hard data system into Australia. Come and talk to me about it.”

* Who’s Joel Klein”? He’s a lawyer who likes money. He left the NY school district [in some chaos] and took a job with Rupert Murdoch. Worth $4.5m a year to Joel, his task is to run a recent acquisition of Rupert’s, the Wireless Generation.

* What’s Wireless Generation? This is a New York company that produces software that  “…tracks student test scores amongst other things.” The  ‘other things’ included digital instruction.  Rupert has said that he can see this investment as a move into “…a $500billion sector in the US alone. This is waiting desperately to be transformed by big breakthroughs.”

The British phone scandal has interfered a little for Joel is presently mending the fences for his boss. [He was sitting next to Rupert’s wife at the British Parliamentary inquiry.] To make things worse for both of them, powerful groups in New York are asking questions as to why Wireless Generation has received a $28m contract in New York schools without having to bid. They’ll be back. If you don’t care that such people are in control of our kid’s schooling, don’t take any notice. If you care, take you time to gather further details and  click on the sites below,

We could get rid of Naplan and its scandalous non-professional associations.  But….  Treehorn would say “Don’t rely on adults. They don’t care.”

Please do your bit. Send this to as many folk as possible, especially politicians and school people….and help our schools to regain the


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